Monday, October 15, 2012

Wow. Wow. Wow.

It has to be the first time since I'd followed that many anime titles. It's beyond belief! But I have to say, this season's anime offerings are mad. Just brilliantly mad. Been loving almost all the titles I chose to follow, and there are a few stand-outs so far. It's still early days though, but since I am such a chin chai person, I'm not too fussed if they fail to impress towards the end, really.

* * * * * *


Love uniforms. Period.

THE GRAPHICS! Spaz-a-lot.

Certain things that stood out immediately.
1. The graphics. Phwoar.
2. Fluid animation. Different camera angles. Loved it.
3. Pace of episode 1. Bang, bang, bang. Cool intros of major characters (and seiyuus).
4. Opening song by Angela - instant winner.

* * * * * *

 Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is a very funny anime which speaks dearly to my heart. In many ways, I can relate to Shizuku, who was first introduced as a girl who only liked to study, and had perfectly no interest in anyone else - either as friends or love interests. But that's where our similarities end, because she's absolutely studious and fastidious in her schoolwork. The Ace. And well, sadly I wished I was like that too.

Then along comes Haru, our very eccentric male protagonist. He hates school because he was wronged by the system once, and he has the weirdest inclinations towards being random and destructive. Bringing a chicken to school, hello!? But b'cos he was different and did not subscribe to the normal etiquettes, fears and insecurities, he treated Shizuku in a way that forced her to re-look her life values - all of which were forged when she was growing up. I can totally relate to that. And so, this anime brings loads of laughter, but also hits home with regards to changing yourself, your values and attitudes to people around you, and perhaps frighteningly but rewardingly, opening yourself up to people.

* * * * * *

Other titles I'm watching include:

1. Sukitte ii na yo
2. Shin Sekai Yori (another masterpiece, but CREEPY beyond relief)
3. Kami-sama no Hajimemashita
4. Code-Breaker
5. Psycho-Pass (pretty good potential)
6. Robotics;Notes (really trying to tamper my unreasonable expectation on it, b'cos of Steins;Gate)
7. Zetsuen no Tempest (lovely stuff - almost K-like and interesting plot so far)