Sunday, May 29, 2011

Are we there yet?

My unit is the one with the 3 small windows. Extreme right window - bathroom's. Other two - bedroom's. You can see the top bit of a lengthier window for the bedroom at the other corner. The unit below me is a 2 bedroom unit, so that's much bigger. I prefer having smaller windows on this side, because it's facing West and the setting sun's rays are something I totally try to avoid. They just steam up the place like no tomorrow, and I experienced torture in my room back at my old rental place during extreme heaty summers. 40 degrees, yeouch! I also don't want people to see through the windows easily from ground level, and I don't want to use curtains to cover up all the time. My balcony doors are facing North, where the most light will stream through the unit. As you can see, the unit below me has balcony doors facing West. I know, top levels are known to be hotter, but sadly, they have all the 1 bedders on the top floors. Pfft.

Totally gonna make it a bachelorette pad. I'll try not to make it messy! I'm gradually seeing myself as a single mom having a commitment to this baby for the next 30 years of my life, haha. This thing has taken more than 9 months though, sigh.

Monday, May 23, 2011

k0k bL0k: After the Day of No Judgment

k0k bL0k: After the Day of No Judgment: "'I want to see Harold Camping prosecuted for bilking people out of their money, for destroying lives and families. I want to see his radio e..."

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Yes, I will revert my eyes to the Japanese manga scene after a long absence. -laughs-

... although anime might just have to wait a little longer. Still not interested in resuming any of the titles I last watched.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

×××ホリック - What ending is this!?

CLAMP's xxxHoLic has ended its run officially, since it debuted in 2003. I didn't know it finished up in February this year, but obviously, I have lost touch with all my manga/anime stuffs since coming home from S'pore, and that was a long time ago. Yesterday night, I decided to do a massive update - which means chionging thru everything, and only went to sleep at 3am. I shouldn't have read xxxHoLic last, but since it started with x, it was the last on my bookmarks list. Big mistake.

Not happy! I went to bed feeling so melancholic, sad and empty. But I was also delighted that massive fangirl rants were already in place regarding the last chapter. People were just lashing out at how the finale turned out. No, I'll never stop being a CLAMP otaku, but seriously, the way they always torture their characters so quietly, so endlessly and so painfully should be diluted somewhat. The wistfulness of Watanuki broke my heart at the end. BROKE it. Especially when we realise what really happened after they had this conversation. Oh gawd, the angst. It's so tangible, I am still feeling it. 7 years is a long time. Thanks for making us feel attached to the characters, and then knifing us in our hearts. Oww.

xxxHoLic was meant to be read interchangably with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, so I always knew HoLic would soon dribble out when Chronicle ended its run. But this means there isn't much of a wrap-up anywhere now! Chronicle wasn't too bad, it was an open-ended thing and knowing CLAMP, Sakura and Syaoran didn't stay together physically. Yes, Syaoran went on for another trip with the boys. Couldn't they just get married and have wonderful cute babies after so much tears thru out the series!? What's left for me to read now!? Sobs.

I am now kinda glad that CLAMP left so many other works hangin'. I knew their style ever since Ling introduced me to them thru RG Veda when we were 15. I'm not exactly surprised, but I am still sad. We do love your characters, CLAMP. You need to stop the blood and the mental S&M inflicted on your fans. Here's my plea: please kindly leave my Subaru and my Kazahaya x Rikuo pairing as they are. Gohou Drug and X were abandoned, and I was initially furious. But now... I think it could have been a blessing! Subaru is angsty enough, CLAMP. You ladies have been torturing him since 1990, and I have loved him since 1995. You ladies need to be controlled. Your notion of reincarnation becomes really painful when it is synonymous with so much suffering.

Leave. Them. All. Alone!

Man, xxxHoLic's epilogue had better be good. I am waiting with much 'anticipation'. *rages*

Monday, May 2, 2011

No energy to keep up with the world

May, already? May day, may day! How did it just sneak up on me like that?

It's been an overload of news recently. Kate & Will's Royal Wedding, Singapore's General Election, and now Osama Bin Laden's death. I did try to filter out the ads for the Royal Wedding as much as I could, but I watched the live feed of the wedding from start to finish. Totally enjoyed it. I love to read up on all news possible from all sources, but I think I'm suffering from fatigue now! Too old, too old.

Koorong is my downfall. I dropped in this evening to get a Mother's Day Card, but in the end, I walked out of the store with a few more books too. It was the second last day of their 20% storewide sale. Oh good grief, why is my willpower so weak? At this rate, I will never, ever finish reading all the books I own.