Sunday, May 29, 2011

Are we there yet?

My unit is the one with the 3 small windows. Extreme right window - bathroom's. Other two - bedroom's. You can see the top bit of a lengthier window for the bedroom at the other corner. The unit below me is a 2 bedroom unit, so that's much bigger. I prefer having smaller windows on this side, because it's facing West and the setting sun's rays are something I totally try to avoid. They just steam up the place like no tomorrow, and I experienced torture in my room back at my old rental place during extreme heaty summers. 40 degrees, yeouch! I also don't want people to see through the windows easily from ground level, and I don't want to use curtains to cover up all the time. My balcony doors are facing North, where the most light will stream through the unit. As you can see, the unit below me has balcony doors facing West. I know, top levels are known to be hotter, but sadly, they have all the 1 bedders on the top floors. Pfft.

Totally gonna make it a bachelorette pad. I'll try not to make it messy! I'm gradually seeing myself as a single mom having a commitment to this baby for the next 30 years of my life, haha. This thing has taken more than 9 months though, sigh.

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