Friday, December 31, 2010

Last post for 2010

*running* Please, I just want you to have this leek. It's delicious!

*disappointed* What? What do you mean you don't want it?

How can you say no to this leek? Don't you know it has feelings!?

*earnestly* Please!? Pretty please!? This leek is a must-have!

Forgive me, that little mini-drama came out totally unrelated to the subject of this post. An embarrassed Kagami in Miku cosplay never hurts. She's such a tsundere. Kyuuute.

Australia is one of the first few countries to step into 2011, so I'll be struggling to stay awake into the wee hours of the first day in order to extend my well-wishes to my parents over the phone. Separately, I think. Well, it'll depend on whether Dad has arrived home by midnight. Hmmm.

All in all, 2010 is going soon, so say goodbye to the bad things and cherish the good ones. As we all step bravely into the next decade, let's just hang on to our seatbelts and expect the unexpected. I will be getting my iPhone 4 (hopefully), the Sebby nendoroid and the Rin figurine, both of which I ordered yesterday (refer to post below). Woo hoo! Kagami will have some company finally. But yes, I digress.

See you all in 2011. Stay safe, kids.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nendoroids Spazz

I perused through the Japanese Good Smile Company website today for its latest products, and totally regretted my decision. The website is available in English, perhaps all thanks to Jimmy Choo's son, Danny. Erm... yes, THE Jimmy Choo.

Tohsaka Rin's pose in the cinematic movie poster for Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works.
Yes, even the hair was recreated down to its very strands (as mentioned in the product description).

 Awww, Kuroneko from Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai has her own nendoroid now! She's very cute, and her other poses are droolworthy. But unfortunately, her moe-ness is lost on me. This proves that I am 100% female indeed. Heh. I must admit, I look at her differently, now that I know what's the big spoiler in the light novels. I am probably one of the few who frowns upon it though. But there IS no doubt, she's a good girl... and kyuuute.

Kousaka Kirino, main protagonist in Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai - how cute! I wouldn't buy her because I don't really like her character at all. She's supposed to be tsundere, but it totally grates my nerves at how she abuses her poor aniki. It's not cute anymore. Give me your elder brother instead, damnit. On the other hand, if Kousaka Kyousuke was to be nendoroided... hmmm...

Can I have the second season now? Will there be one? Please say there will be one. I only watched the final episode this week, and I'm already suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Sob.

No ways, Takagi Akito from Bakuman! has already been nendoroided! Unbelievable. If I had extra money lying around, I would consider getting him. He's my favourite character in this series, well, not surprising for me because of his megane, hehe ... and of course, his intellect and otaku-ness. What a great combi! His other facial features are so kyuuute! Argh, very tempting.

Kaito from the Yamaha Vocaloid series. He was snapped up in the first release, and subsequently, in the second release during July 2010. I missed out on both. Now he's being sold everywhere at ridiculously high prices, because he's out of stock! Good Smile, could you pleeeease release him again? I am constantly looking out for him on websites, eBay and the likes. I won't rest until I get him. Never give up!

I wish I had that much passion for my studies. Pfft.

Sebastian Michaelis, from Kuroshitsuji. He's always somewhere on my list, and at least he's not sold out at a ridiculous rate like Kaito. I've always wanted to get him, mainly because of the last pose he can do which is utterly kyuuuuute! Now, if only they come with those set of sexy heeled boots he strutted in when he was first summoned from Hell.

Nagato Yuki (Disappearance Ver.) from The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. Now, this version is totally MOE. It's unbelievably heart-rendering rending, even I am slightly moved to buy her. Anyway, this version of her seems nicer than her original version. The Disappearance version is so much more MOEEEE, especially the second pose. Oh gosh.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Blessed Christmas!

How's your Christmas going? 

I'm a little exhausted, to be honest. I got home this morning at 2:15am, showered and went straight to bed. I now know my body isn't as strong as it used to be, when I could hold up till the early mornings even after a party! I also think the people at the LPAB are sadistic, for setting assignment deadlines during the first 2 weeks of January. Poo poo!

My first maxi dress! Got this at Esprit, my all-time fav store.

No guesses where I got this summer dress from! Wore this for Anne's Christmas Eve party last night.

Thanks to Spreets, we found ourselves dining out at Kobe Jones in Docklands for $54 each on Thursday.

 Seafood Poke (Hawaiian style sashimi cubes marinated in poke sauce), Oyster Shooter (in mango fused sake), Volcano Roll (oven baked scallops layered on a crab salad and avocado roll, with their special cream sauce and a sesame seed and shallot sprinkle).

LollyPop Sushi
Tuna, kingfish, salmon, crab salad, asparagus and smelt roe, wrapped in thinly peeled cucumber with soy sauce vinaigrette

 Miso Citrus Lobster Tail
Grilled green lobster tail served in a miso citrus sauce on a bed of steamed vegetables and wafu thermidor sauce

Taking in the night view from our table. That's the West Gate Bridge in the distance. I used to drive up there to get to the airport, but now I take the non-tolled route.

Wagyu Hot Rock
Self-cook your wagyu just the way you like it, served with seasoning and two dipping sauces

Ama Ozen
Kobe Jones’s famous selection of dessert samplers with their trademark chocolate chopsticks

We definitely had a very nice night! Kobe Jones served up an unexpectedly delightful variety of Japanese fusion dishes, but the ladies were riled up at the sub-standards of the desserts. I personally didn't care about the desserts too much, as long as the main dishes lived up to my palette. Hee.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

December, and all its pomp

♫ 東城衛 + A Chord - 夠愛

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas! (in advance)

Yes, the silly season is upon us veli veli soon. Or perhaps, it already has truly descended. I went to the shops today at Box Hill, and boy, the crowd level was probably upped by another 10% or so. I found myself occasionally coming to a total standstill, as groups of people before me were obstructed by something. You'd think I would have gotten bored of Box Hill by now. However, the mere thought of challenging Doncaster Westfield, the next shopping arena closest to me was a little off-putting. I also didn't want to pay for parking really. Anyway, I got what I needed and scooted out of there fast.

Not exactly Christmas fare, but summer is beginning to affect me after my accident. Bummer.

Last week, I was literally attacked by a seizure of itches from nowhere. Over a few days, I would be 'coaxed' out of my deep sleep by an insistent urge to scraaatch. I lacked sleep over time and was beginning to feel crummy. The affected areas were confined to the new skin from my burns, so there was no mistake, my new skin was acting up like no tomorrow. Sometimes, I gave in and ran them over with my knuckles indirectly under my PJs, and other times, I felt like chopping my entire arm off. Then my face began to itch terribly, and before long, I looked like I was permanently in a sauna with a flushed oily face.

So glamorous.

As a last resort, I fled to my GP with arms flailing and oily itchy face as a bonus. He prescribed me Rozex and Elocon, 2 days MC and a referral letter to a dermatologist clinic in Hawthorn East. He'd seen me in this state exactly one year ago (yes, stupid summer!!) and he was still puzzled as to why I had dermatitis-like symptoms only on my burns. So, my wait now begins. Lovely!

My manager recommended Telfast in the meantime, from her personal experience. Bless her, it worked for me to a certain degree! On good days, I am itch-free, and on other days, at least the itch is controllable when my body produces more histamine than the tablet can contain. The GP told me that actually.

The storm is approaching. Wooooo.

I love watching the weather from my balcony door. Melbourne's weather is so fickle that it's not funny sometimes, but other than that, I'm sure it's great material for photographers. The lack of skyscrapers in the suburbs ensure that you have all that space to see rumbling clouds and sparse blue skies. It's always a marvel for me to see that, since I didn't grow up with that luxury.

The floor plan of my B-Pad : highlights of the electrical outlets

Recently, some of my colleagues and I got to talking about the electrical wiring of houses and they suggested that I should find out about mine so that I have the option to install more outlets whilst they're still in the building stage. It would cost a lot more (and messier too) to engage an electrician afterwards. I received this attachment from the floor manager, and my very nice colleague said she'd bring this back to her electrician husband for his advice on whether these were sufficient. I'm also considering floorboards all across the unit (excluding the bathroom) instead of tiles and carpets. Since I love Japanese designs, and Japan is well-known for small units, I'm hoping to glean some advice from those and try to achieve the look of a Japanese unit. Of course, only if I can afford it. =P

 My closet alter-ego screams for you

Truly, the highlight of my trip back home next month has to be the Super Junior Super Show 3. After the initial disappointment for not being able to procure tickets to its one and only show date in Singapore, the event organiser redeemed themselves by successfully getting them to open a second date. Love their work! So, I'll be watching it with Yi, Ling and Ling's friend. It'll be interesting because Yi's my poly mate, and Ling's my sec sch mate, lol. It's not just the concert I'm excited about, but the fact that I'll be going with my peeps makes the event much more happier. Believe it or not, this will be the first time I'm going to a concert. I'm not a concert-goer, and I don't fangirl any bands really. I like most, but I don't believe in going the extra mile. I'm definitely making an exception this time, and well, why not? I just turned 30, and I should do this before I get toooo old.

 The cutest magnae - Prince Kyuhyun  ♥

Happy Christmas shopping, all of you. Have a safe festive season!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Good end to the week!

I bought this nonya bak zhang from Yeoh's Groceries in Glen Waverley, and it was unexpectedly yummy! I'm as happy as can be, because I love nonya bak zhangs. They must be nonya. -nods to herself-

 My manager was in her Christmas mood, and to encourage that within me (the sulky one), she loaned me a USB-powered multi-lights Christmas tree to help usher in the festive mood. It is very cute, I must say.

First time at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds for our company's Christmas cocktail party. It was awesome.

Naruto's latest attempt to adopt the form of the Kyuubi wasn't totally successful. But it's cuuuute!!


I saw this bit in the latest manga chapter of BLEACH today, where they introduced the Hell arc and the antagonists in hell archaically said, "Let's get Kurosaki down in here". It was written across the page - movie debut - 劇場版 BLEACH 地獄篇. Out of curiousity, I went to google for it, and realised the movie premiere was... today! Haha, what are the chances? Anyway, I guess it could be another 6 months or so before it's released to the public in DVD. TM Revolution did an epic job with his songs, as usual. I'm already listening to it on endless loop. I'm just wondering how Kubo-sensei is going to explain this - Ichigo prancing around with his shinigami powers. Reading the forums, it seems that everyone has the same WTH!? questions as I do. No pun intended, of course.

* * * * * *

I just finished this book by Sharon Jaynes, and it has been amazing. When she means scars, she isn't just referring to the physical ones too. For me, it is good to understand what scars are to God, and the significance of them in His eyes.

The fact that I have scars which are not easily hidden and over a significant percentage of my arm means that I need to make a decision on whether I should wear it like a badge of honour, or hasten to hide it away from the public eye. The book touches on inspiring excerpts from other female believers' scars - both physical and emotional, and I realised that it is due to these same believers coming out to share their stories that people like me can benefit too.

It doesn't mean that I will stop spraying MicroSkin on my arm. I still need to shield the new skin from harmful UV rays which will potentially cause more damage than I can imagine. The scars that had formed are the physical memories of a traumatic accident. What the book has taught me is that if I am presented with an opportunity to minister, then I should. It can be embarrassing, especially for ladies because unfortunately, we seem to be more critical of each other.

The scars will bear evidence of God's strength and providence, the very fact that I am still alive is proof of His intervention. And when appropriate, to roll up my sleeves and show the extent of where my skin had burned, but not to feel embarrassed or not to speak up at all. Most of the ladies mentioned in the book went on to become speakers and are now touching people's lives everywhere, proudly displaying their deformities or disabilities, or sharing their not-so-glamorous pasts. Aunt Anne delivered an Easter prophecy last year, where I would heal people with my imperfect arm. If anything, I would be honoured to be used for His service. Secularly speaking, isn't it better to be useful with a deformity or disability than sit around and lament? One lasting example is the life of Nick Vujicic, who greatly touched me before my accident, and even more now. I don't need to be someone as far-reaching as these people, as long as the people close to me can experience God's love personally through what I can share.

We are ultimately always looking for a purpose. I hope I'm at least halfway there.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Yay! I got my customised skin today at work via FedEx, and it was in pristine condition. Phew. This is my second purchase with Gelaskins, the first which was originally meant for my iPhone 4, but the telco, Three completely messed up my order, and now, it's 5 months late (or never coming). So, the skin is still sitting there with 5 months worth of dust gathering on top of it. Not funny.

Anyway, I'm a happy gal. It came out just as I wanted, so I'm very contented. No special reason why I decided to skin my laptop. I guess I was just bored with it after a year.

Japanese fanart illustration of KAITO from Vocaloid. Pweetty.

Like I told Yi, I had this supremely beautiful and most breathtaking illustration which was running in contention for being chosen as the skin for my 17" laptop. Well, I decided against it ultimately because it would set many tongues wagging if I brought it out with me amongst the public eye. Heh. It shall have its place as my mobile wallpaper, although it just means I shouldn't let anyone pry into my mobile at any cost.