Sunday, December 19, 2010

December, and all its pomp

♫ 東城衛 + A Chord - 夠愛

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas! (in advance)

Yes, the silly season is upon us veli veli soon. Or perhaps, it already has truly descended. I went to the shops today at Box Hill, and boy, the crowd level was probably upped by another 10% or so. I found myself occasionally coming to a total standstill, as groups of people before me were obstructed by something. You'd think I would have gotten bored of Box Hill by now. However, the mere thought of challenging Doncaster Westfield, the next shopping arena closest to me was a little off-putting. I also didn't want to pay for parking really. Anyway, I got what I needed and scooted out of there fast.

Not exactly Christmas fare, but summer is beginning to affect me after my accident. Bummer.

Last week, I was literally attacked by a seizure of itches from nowhere. Over a few days, I would be 'coaxed' out of my deep sleep by an insistent urge to scraaatch. I lacked sleep over time and was beginning to feel crummy. The affected areas were confined to the new skin from my burns, so there was no mistake, my new skin was acting up like no tomorrow. Sometimes, I gave in and ran them over with my knuckles indirectly under my PJs, and other times, I felt like chopping my entire arm off. Then my face began to itch terribly, and before long, I looked like I was permanently in a sauna with a flushed oily face.

So glamorous.

As a last resort, I fled to my GP with arms flailing and oily itchy face as a bonus. He prescribed me Rozex and Elocon, 2 days MC and a referral letter to a dermatologist clinic in Hawthorn East. He'd seen me in this state exactly one year ago (yes, stupid summer!!) and he was still puzzled as to why I had dermatitis-like symptoms only on my burns. So, my wait now begins. Lovely!

My manager recommended Telfast in the meantime, from her personal experience. Bless her, it worked for me to a certain degree! On good days, I am itch-free, and on other days, at least the itch is controllable when my body produces more histamine than the tablet can contain. The GP told me that actually.

The storm is approaching. Wooooo.

I love watching the weather from my balcony door. Melbourne's weather is so fickle that it's not funny sometimes, but other than that, I'm sure it's great material for photographers. The lack of skyscrapers in the suburbs ensure that you have all that space to see rumbling clouds and sparse blue skies. It's always a marvel for me to see that, since I didn't grow up with that luxury.

The floor plan of my B-Pad : highlights of the electrical outlets

Recently, some of my colleagues and I got to talking about the electrical wiring of houses and they suggested that I should find out about mine so that I have the option to install more outlets whilst they're still in the building stage. It would cost a lot more (and messier too) to engage an electrician afterwards. I received this attachment from the floor manager, and my very nice colleague said she'd bring this back to her electrician husband for his advice on whether these were sufficient. I'm also considering floorboards all across the unit (excluding the bathroom) instead of tiles and carpets. Since I love Japanese designs, and Japan is well-known for small units, I'm hoping to glean some advice from those and try to achieve the look of a Japanese unit. Of course, only if I can afford it. =P

 My closet alter-ego screams for you

Truly, the highlight of my trip back home next month has to be the Super Junior Super Show 3. After the initial disappointment for not being able to procure tickets to its one and only show date in Singapore, the event organiser redeemed themselves by successfully getting them to open a second date. Love their work! So, I'll be watching it with Yi, Ling and Ling's friend. It'll be interesting because Yi's my poly mate, and Ling's my sec sch mate, lol. It's not just the concert I'm excited about, but the fact that I'll be going with my peeps makes the event much more happier. Believe it or not, this will be the first time I'm going to a concert. I'm not a concert-goer, and I don't fangirl any bands really. I like most, but I don't believe in going the extra mile. I'm definitely making an exception this time, and well, why not? I just turned 30, and I should do this before I get toooo old.

 The cutest magnae - Prince Kyuhyun  ♥

Happy Christmas shopping, all of you. Have a safe festive season!

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