Thursday, December 2, 2010


Yay! I got my customised skin today at work via FedEx, and it was in pristine condition. Phew. This is my second purchase with Gelaskins, the first which was originally meant for my iPhone 4, but the telco, Three completely messed up my order, and now, it's 5 months late (or never coming). So, the skin is still sitting there with 5 months worth of dust gathering on top of it. Not funny.

Anyway, I'm a happy gal. It came out just as I wanted, so I'm very contented. No special reason why I decided to skin my laptop. I guess I was just bored with it after a year.

Japanese fanart illustration of KAITO from Vocaloid. Pweetty.

Like I told Yi, I had this supremely beautiful and most breathtaking illustration which was running in contention for being chosen as the skin for my 17" laptop. Well, I decided against it ultimately because it would set many tongues wagging if I brought it out with me amongst the public eye. Heh. It shall have its place as my mobile wallpaper, although it just means I shouldn't let anyone pry into my mobile at any cost.

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