Thursday, November 18, 2010

Construction underway

On Wednesday, I wanted to take advantage of The Face Shop's 20% sale so I drove down to it after work. Since I was in the area, I decided to swing by and check on construction.

 This bit was non-existent when I drove by 4 weeks before.

The left wing where my apartment will be situated, but one more level up ... and currently non-existent.

It seems that they have finished the length of ground floor's construction.

I'll be secretly laughing in my boots if they actually finish construction by June 2011. However, my current lease ends then, so it'll be best for all parties if they do. In the meantime, I'd been flipping through brochures for tiles and taps. I might want to scrap the tiles that they are giving to me as a package, and get some of my own instead.

I'd been having strange dreams this week, some of which I still remember clearly and others not. They don't make sense, and are really frown-inducing scenarios which I am willing to pay a million bucks to make sure that they never manifest. I think my psyche needs a long break, because even though I sleep early to ensure sufficient rest, my mind is very much conscious and producing all these appalling things. OK, perhaps I'm not helping with the things I feed to it ... yes, guilty as charged, Your Honour, so I shall zip it now.


  1. Hi ya there, how are you doing? How's life DownUnder? I'm back in Singapore and will be around for at least a couple of years. Dad-in-law just passed away. :(

    There is a church in Melbourne which is grace-based named Hope City Church. I just met up with the Senior Pastor Andrew and his mate Mike. They came down S'pore and visited New Creation. I took opportunity to meet with them. Warm, friendly folks. He preaches grace-based sermons. They are really good. Do take a visit and check it out the website

    Take care and shalom!


  2. Hey Kaffein,

    Life here's alright, still the same! I didn't know you returned to Singapore. How long ago did you move back from Perth? Are you and your family adjusting well?

    I had a look at Hope City Church. Wow, it's in Croydon! Haha... a bit far from where I live. But thanks, I'll check it out one of these days. Good to get recommendations.

    You take care, and continue writing! =)