Friday, October 29, 2010


♫ Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Tell Me Baby

For the past few months, our organisation was busily working towards the 3 yearly QICSA accreditation. It's funny how time flies, but you can remember every single day in which you worked extra hard in order to make sure everything was sui sui for the accreditation. All meetings were held with a single goal in mind, every delegation and completed work for one purpose. It was pretty intense, but I think this whole exercise made me realise how teamwork could play such a role in achieving great feats which no single person could. And really, if every person chipped in and performed his/her role, then things could fall into place like clockwork. No dramas. I'd been very blessed to work with supremely dedicated people on all levels. It is very inspiring.

Today was the day of fruition, and I could feel so much pride for everyone at the feedback session for staff by the assessors. Such glowing reviews from them! I guess we could all get away with bloated heads for the day. And then champagne galore! I'm quite happy that there's the long weekend too, and we can rest well until next Tue. I forgot to turn on my Out Of Office message, but well, I'm sure most people in Melbourne would have taken next Mon off too. Hopefully the weather turns out fine for the Melbourne Cup Day on Tues!

And then it's back to work on Wed.

My manager bought spiffy blade-less fans to work in time for the notorious summer temperatures. It doesn't help that the building is a walking oven with a barely working cooling system and minimal ventilation. Still, it means I get to see these babies for real!

And there's the round ones at the other side of the building, like basketball hoops! Awesome.

I am wondering what to do for Sat, Sun, Mon and Tues! Ah, not doing anything may just be a plan too. Well, we'll see. I might want to pop around to the auto shop and grab some car accessories (rubber mats and convex mirrors) tomorrow. Hmm, I might shop around for a hat too, before the sun truly heats up soon. I tried out one at an Asian cart earlier, but got too self-conscious when both assistants stared at me. Urgh.

I got a Rice Water Cleansing Oil from The Face Shop today, after my Yuva one ran out some time ago. It worked like a dream, with all my eye makeup gone in one application. Nice. I like minimal effort. 

And I also grabbed a scarf for summer. It's supposed to 'dress up' your clothes without the wooliness of winter scarves, which I'll have to pack away quite soon. Speaking of which, I do need to pack and unpack my wardrobe for the approaching warm weather. There we go, my weekend mission it will be.

I just draped it on the first clothing I had hanging around, haha.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sorry, what was that all about?

Because Chrissy and I rocked up at Doncaster SC to catch a movie on a Mon night, and then realised the selection there was miserly, we had to settle for a title which wasn't scary, gory or simply crappy. We decided to take our chances on Eat, Pray, Love. I had wanted to see The Last Airbender (because I really like CG action scenes like that), or Legend of the Guardians (fluffy owls galore!), but that would have to wait for another time.

I must say, I did have some expectations from the movie. Y'know, it has been such a sensation and I think most people (or ladies) would have heard of it by now. The premise might resonate with some of them out there - stuck in a marriage which had fizzled out, not sure what their lives are all about, and wanting all that life and energy back which they lost somehow along the way. So, what Ms Gilbert did was to go through a difficult divorce in which she lost all her money (because she was so desperate to make her ex-husband sign the papers that she negotiated taking nothing from the divorce settlement and giving him all her monies/ properties/ retirement accounts etc). She had been in an affair, and after the divorce, she went into another relationship with a young struggling theatre actor (which ended up nowhere). So, she decided to select 3 countries, packed up and left New York. The ex-husband wanted her back badly, but in the end, he relented according to her wishes.

Let's be honest, shall we? If this had been written by a man, the backlash would have been tsunamical (I made that word up). A man who had an affair, decided to break the marriage off, flew away to Europe and Asia and settled down in Bali with his new love. That doesn't resonate like a life-changing moment, it just sounds like a clandestine affair in which a man uses the "I want to find my life back" notion as a major excuse to bow out of anything responsible, leaving everything behind.

But I didn't read the book, so I guess a lot of details might be missing. Perhaps Ms Gilbert did try to make the marriage work and it still failed. And along the way, she experienced spirituality in India, ate like a buffoon in Italy (which is lost on most of us because it's not like we are all eating grass usually), and then fell in love with a really nice man in Bali. Btw, there is a continuation of the love story as her new man lives with her in the States now, in her book titled Committed. They sworn complete fidelity to each other, with no marriage vows ever (because they were both divorcees and skeptics of marriage), but an immigration hiccup one day made them rethink of how they could continue their relationship as her new man was refused entry into the States.

Unless of course, they were legally married.

I am taking a shot in the dark here, but the movie probably did no justice to the book. There was no real pain portrayed in the marriage and one night, the woman just fell to her knees and prayed to God with tears, asking what she should do. And then God didn't respond, so she went back to bed despondent. All these within 15 mins of the movie. I was left wondering, "So... what was she on about? What was wrong with the marriage? Because her husband was a person who couldn't make up his mind on what he wanted to do in his career or something? And then she was disappointed because she confessed she had never spoken to God, and then she prayed something would happen because she decided to kneel down one night and pray?"

Don't get me wrong. God can make lightning strike a tree at first instance, and certainly a skeptic's prayer is more powerful than a lukewarm believer's if God wanted it to be so. I just didn't see her heart in that prayer. What was she asking for? What was she crying about? 15 minutes into the show, and it wasn't enough to see what she was miserable about. She was already pulling a long face  standing beside her husband at a function when the movie started rolling.

Then she went into a relationship with a young actor (cougar alert!) who was playing out a script which she wrote (I am assuming here, since it was mentioned that she was a writer). They made eyes at each other throughout the play. Then in the second shot, she had moved in, they had lots of sex, and then 15 mins into the movie, she was miserable and apparently they had quarreled a lot etc. I was left in the dark again about what they were up against. There were no shots on what they argued about, and what she wanted him to do or give to her. She certainly didn't offer him anything really.

Anyway, she decided to go to Italy for good food. Yes, her best friend ate salad for lunch, so she chided her by saying how miserable they had become. Oh, they had lost the appetite for life!  Off she flew then. I loved this bit because the scenery shots in Italy were beautiful.

But there were moments when she was quietly upset. She stayed alone, she hung out with people who were happy couples (always a mistake when you just got out from a relationship) and at the end of the day, she piled on some weight and laughed so much about it. She encouraged a friend to eat that pizza with her because she was tired of having to be so uptight about her naked body. "Men would never walk away from a naked woman, so big deal about some extra kilos!" 

Sure, I'm ok with that whole notion of positive body image. Be happy with yours, don't scrimp to the point where you become unhappy. So, was that why she travelled to Italy for? To rediscover her tastebuds? Perhaps eating a lot in another country makes it easier to justify all those extra weight? She did become happier, but still, those moments of loneliness would jar into the movie occasionally. I still don't know if she learnt anything.

Then it was India. All of a sudden, the screen was filled with loud noises, cows, honking, people, dirt and stuffs. She checked into a guru's temple whom her actor ex-boyfriend had introduced her to, and she did some legwork at the temple (cleaning the floors etc) as part of her stay there. She met a 17 yr old local who was there because she was a follower, but she was miserable as she was in the midst of being married off to another 17 yr old by arrangement.

OK, so she met an elder Caucasian whilst staying there. He called her "Groceries" because of the amount of food she ate (remember her lesson in Italy?). They didn't get along well because he was immediately clashing swords with her from the moment they met. To me, I guess they were trying to portray him as one of those who were there for a long time, and didn't like those 'hippy Caucasians' who thought it was cool to come along to an impoverished country seeking alternative healing. I might be off the mark, who knows? It was so random. They attended that 17 yr old girl's wedding where she and the bride had a quiet moment. She told her, "I had been praying to the guru for you, that you would become very happy with your husband. You will be." And the bride looked up at her and said, "I will believe in that, and I will gain happiness." Then, that was the end of the scene.

That was befuddling. She had been a little angsty because witnessing a marriage reminded her of her own. Then she had a short chat with her ex-husband (illusionary) where they were dancing during their wedding, and nothing much was exchanged. I was like, "Huh? Why is she thinking about this?" And why was she so certain that little girl would gain happiness in her wedding? I don't get it.

Anyway, the elder Caucasian and her bonded a bit because he opened up to her about his past, and he pleaded with her to stay in India until she could forgive herself. In the movie, she didn't even talk to him about anything except that she was a divorcee.

So, what was he asking to forgive herself for? Unlike her, he was an alcoholic and he almost ran over his 8 yr old son in the driveway as he was drunk behind the wheel. His wife witnessed everything, and took their children away with her. So, he came to this temple and meditated lots. He was perhaps trying to forgive himself because his 8 yr old son was now 18, and he missed out on his growing up phase. OK, that bit I can understand. So, was she supposed to forgive herself for marrying the wrong guy? That man eventually must have forgiven himself because he was shown leaving India and going back to Texas, with her bidding him farewell tearfully. I don't know, it wasn't mentioned clearly.

Anyway, at first she had trouble meditating. She thought of a million other things in her mind and I could understand that too. Meditation is difficult. You are always distracted. So, from praying, she's trying meditation and she succeeds in the movie. You see her in zen-like mode by the time she travels to Bali where she nails the technique. She left India (I don't know whether she forgave herself because it wasn't mentioned) and the next thing on the screen was the rice paddies in Bali. "Oh, we're in Bali now." I recalled thinking in my head.

Then she went back to this medicine man called Katuk, who prophesied that she would be back to see him, penniless, but having gained a lot more. So indeed, his prophecy rang true. She remembered him as she was planning her trip, and went to see him. She became his pseudo-disciple, writing out his spells for him as they were falling away to bits, and she travelled around Bali enjoying the sights and sounds. Then she was invited to one of the summer beach parties, and she was flirting away with a young deejay, but pulled out at the end when he invited her to swim naked in the beach. "This is Bali! Enjoy!" Then she bumped into a man who had earlier almost ran her down on her bicycle because he was distracted by the radio. That man became a self-appointed travel guide for her, and they enjoyed each other's company, subsequently becoming her new love. She got to meet his adult son, who was egging his father to sleep with her.

After a few days, weeks, or months later (I don't know, because no time was mentioned), the man invited her to his yacht in which he wanted to bring her to 'a place for themselves', since he belonged to Bali and she in New York. I think he was referring to an island. She just went ballistic and cried and wept, subsequently running away from him, leaving him heartbroken because he had told her that he was willing to open his heart again (his wife left him). I was completely confused at this stage because she literally said nothing much that justified her reaction. It was "I can't, I don't want to, I can't do this again." So, I had to pin it down to a fear of commitment. She didn't mention anything about being heartbroken again, but in the beginning, she wasn't betrayed anyway. She just fell out of her love with ex-husband. So, I don't know actually.

Then she took some time by herself, and talked to the medicine man who advised her that the balance of life also involved being unbalanced by the force of love. And she went back to see that man, who embraced her happily. Parting shot: they were kissing and making out in the speedboat towards... an island, I think.

The only highlight for me: she got to know this lady with her child in Bali, who was the equivalent of a pharmacist. She dispensed medicine and helped her with her leg wound as she got knocked down by that car earlier. This lady was abused by her husband and so she left with her young girl. She decided to rally all her friends together (back in NY, in Italy and that man who was now back in Texas) and they all pitched in money for her cause. In the end, she got enough to help build an amazing house for mother and child. Now, that was amazing and I was positively inspired by her.

I didn't make any sense of the movie because on hindsight, the movie was so ambiguous in its story-telling, direction and dialogue. It just made me feel as if Ms Gilbert was making a BIG deal out of nothing. In comparison to the people she met with some serious problems and healing to do, I just don't know what she was anguished about. Was that what her whole motto was? Going around to impoverished countries and realising that she was a privileged white woman who should have known better? And to cultivate an appetite for eating in Italy?

Then the ending shots involved her ex-husband happily married again with a baby, and her ex-actor boyfriend getting recognition at a play. Everyone found their own happiness.

I know, I know. From a bird's eye view, I understand what she's trying to do. If I eat like a shrimp, I do feel miserable. I feel happy when I had amazingly good food. I am delighted when my spirituality is encompassing. I am happy when I enjoy the love from God, family and peers. But I don't know what her story and her search attempts were all about. It just baffles me, and I shall blame it on the movie. But will I read her book then? No, I do have other books which require my attention for now, and unless I receive it as a gift (please don't do this to me), I'm not that inspired to reach for it.

There you go, my 2 cents worth of a movie review. I'm sorry for the funny flow of the review, but that was all I could work on from the movie plot.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Ideal Saturday

We were supposed to go to Peninsula Hot Springs on Sat, but certain things happened so we couldn't go. Chrissy called me on Fri at work, asking me what exactly our plans were because there was no real conclusion from all the emails to and fro so far. I had no real idea what had been discussed due to a lack of time to check my emails, thus I thought of some quick ideas which could be good on an evening for 4 girls.

1. Rent DVDs and chill out.
2. Check out Festival Indonesia 2010 at Federation Square.

When Ruth and I were housemates in Perth, she introduced me to the notion of renting DVDs, and watching them in our PJs looking dishevelled and totally shoddy. I missed those moments with her, because she had a good eye for movies and best of all, she knew exactly what movies would interest me. Ah, don't you just love it when it's all about you? -chuckles-

So, the girls liked the first idea, and DVD night it was. We met at the award-winning Shira Nui in Glen Waverley first where we had a sumptuous Japanese lunch (complete with thick yummy slices of sashimi and an unforgettable chawanmushi), and Chrissy managed to buy not 1, but 2 pairs of sunnies.

We then went to church together for the 4pm session, whereupon the topic was about fasting. It was an interesting sermon, especially because fasting has never been something which I paid attention to. I also spied this warm little scene in front of us between 2 guys.

Very interesting. Guys do show some affection at times.

We then shopped at Coles for dinner to munch on, and then rented 2 titles to watch at Anne's place. Chick flick night, we were planning.

But then, I spied a title which I just couldn't refuse. 

Yes, the last movie which Australia's beloved Heath Ledger was acting in before his premature death. It was surreal, I guess. I kinda saw it whilst perusing the shelves carelessly, and they were placed right at the lowest level which you'll miss it if you blink. I thought it was rather strange because you'd think the title would be placed in a more prominent spot, right?

Anyway, it was a good movie. It was very fantasy-like and quite a quirky ride. To be really honest, I don't have a conclusive idea of what I feel towards it. But well, there's a bonus! You have all the big male names in it, and the story was such that you just couldn't expect what would happen next. However, it's not a oh-my-gosh-you-have-to-see-it movie. If you have extra time, then give it a go.

Heath Ledger was, as always, a marvel to watch.

Yes, chick flick. We were tossing between Letters to Juliet and Dear John. However, Chrissy and I were not keen on the latter because we feared it would be depressing. We just wanted a feel-good movie in which we didn't need to strain our brains or tear ducts. Just, y'know, something that leaves absolutely nothing behind. It ain't too bad at all, and Anne got exceptionally excited because the male lead, Chris Egan is an Aussie. So, even though he had an exceptional British accent, I had the continuous impression that he was putting it on. Ah well. Didn't mar the experience much, he was good to look at for sure. It's a very predictable movie, with very corny lines and scenes. If it's anything worth saying, it was shot in beautiful Verona and so, it absolutely sets the mood for love and fuzziness. Feel free to watch this too if you have time to kill.

Nuggets, salad, chicken sticks, chocs, green tea, garlic bread, and then ice cream

So, it was a very nice night. Bel introduced me to the world of veggie chips. We snuggled in the living room with the heater on, and I was dressed in a comfortable sweatshirt with denim tights.

Pretty interesting to wear this to the mall and to church

Well, I try to create some amusement for life's little moments. I snap mental shots into my head on some days - when I am having a conversation, watching my colleagues laugh at something funny, a heart-to-heart discussion with a friend, watching the sky turn crimson from the balcony, a visual from the telly ... anything that prompts me to do so. Or wearing something fuzzy and different than what you'd normally don, just so because you can.

Life is ultimately what you make of. So, indulge in (or create) little moments whenever possible.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend whiffed by. Again.

I received the LPAB Enrolment Package recently, and it was a reminder that my 'carefree season' will be ending very soon. A little something within me died. Who wants to be preoccupied with studying after work hrs? I don't think anyone will be putting up their hands for this voluntarily. Whether I pass or fail my exams this time round, I am guaranteed another 1-2 yrs more of correspondence studies. Bleh.

Recently, Australia has been reporting tirelessly on the cannonisation of Mary KacKillop by The Vatican on Sunday. So yes, Australia is immensely proud of her first saint. It makes for interesting news, I guess.

* * * * * *

Started watching 개인의 취향 (Kaeinui Chwihyang / Personal Preference) on Sunday, after a particularly tiring day on Saturday (see below). Something bugged me about Lee Min Ho, the male protagonist, and I kept wondering why. After checking his bio out today, I realised why. He's the Korean version of Doumyouji Tsukasa of F4. I briefly watched 2 episodes of the Korean Hana Yori Dango, so that was why it didn't form an impression. I think he looks way better with 'normal' hair, instead of Doumyouji's trademark curly locks. He put me off in that show, which was why after 2 episodes, I gave up on it.

Anyway, the premise of the story is refreshing, except for the twists and turns which are very Koreanesque. There are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, which I particularly enjoy, and Lee Min Ho is a complete feast for the eyes. Can't get enough of him. I haven't finished it, because I think the story is going to get 'sobby' and heavy, so I'll postpone it until another time. And because I personally feel that the female lead, Son Ye Jin, looks older than Lee Min Ho, so it has taken me a long time to convince myself that they're actually in love with each other.

I know, I'm such an ageist.

* * * * * *

Montalto Vineyard & Olive Grove - lake, grass, slope, sky.

For Anne's birthday celebration on Saturday, a heap of us went to the Montalto Vineyard & its accompanying restaurant, Olive Grove for a day out. We dropped by a strawberry-picking farm, and I finally got to buy Jarra Honey, which I had only been able to find in Western Australia! We sampled some wine (well, they did, and I occasionally sipped from a few glasses), and I absolutely adored their selection of olive oil. One of their Muscato selections was to die for too. Lovingly light and none of that intolerable metal smell of alcohol which I cannot take.

So happy.

The day looked deceptively chirpy, because it was the coldest day in months, with hailstorms and terrible rain. The picture, my friends, was taken during a short 2 mins reprieve. Because yes, only in Victoria will you experience rain, sun and snow within 5 mins of each other. Am I exaggerating? Absolutely not. Perhaps one day I should leave my camera phone on video running for 1 hr, and you'll be amazed at what you see.

Then again, why do you want to dedicate 1 hr watching a video run?

In total, I drove 89km that day, and ran into a bit of a swerve at a corner because we didn't realise the cars in front had made a sharp left turn on our way back to Melbourne. We could have driven onwards without suspecting anything. My poor Kuru-chan must have cursed at me for doing that blasted turn to him. Eck. It was an experience though - a long drive through hills and valleys, concrete and gravel roads, through icy, rainy and sunny conditions. I think I pretty much survived everything that could possibly be hazardous to a driver in a single day. Oh, perhaps with the exception of fog. But I did drive Huiyi back from Melbourne Airport in fog-like conditions. The journey from Melbourne to Mornington Peninsula usually takes about 1 hr or so.

However, a mental note to myself : I better rest fully before such an outing again, because I didn't come prepared and drove on the roads quite sleep-deprived. Kuru-chan had never been driven on long distances before, so I was silently hoping I didn't break him or something. I know, cars are meant to be driven, but since I had experienced pretty interesting incidents that nobody else did in my current life todate (exploding tyre, house fire hazard, etc), I was not totally confident to say nothing could happen. And when you're driving 3 others, well, a lot is at stake. Suffice to say, I was stressed. Very stressed. I did thank God profusely for easing the weather up during the day. What a big relief.

And then my weekend was very much over. Damn.

* * * * * *

Holmes and Watson. No, I kid you not.

My new muse, but oh so short-lived! It is only a 3 part mini-series, and I am absolutely shattered. It's like, I'd been anticipating this since forever when Sherlock was being promoted on the telly, and then after I watched the pilot episode (and loved it) on Sunday evening, I was then to realise that there would only be, in reality, 3 episodes in total.

Yes, 3.


Well, perhaps they wanted to test the waters. See if anything jumped out at 'em. Anyway, I totally want them back onto the screen. And fast. So, I am very happy to know, after some sleuth investigation of my own (oh, who am I kidding anyway?), that there will be another 3 part-er in 2011.

Well, foine. Better than nothing, I guess.

I love this 2010 adaptation of our favourite Holmes and Dr. Watson. Household names they are, literally. I wonder what it's like to grow up during a time like this, because what we read in our past are no longer relegated to books. Almost everything I knew as a child had come to life in one way or another. Part of me laments the magic of words being lost in translation by a movie adaptation, but part of me envies the visual imagination which can be conjured up and introduced into our reality as a means of suggesting that nothing is impossible.

With some pretty nifty cinematography and really interesting actors at play, I'm very attracted to the  tone and pace of the show. It's dark, but not spooky. It's testy, but not gritty. It showcases London, but you don't get the feeling that it's very unsafe. Benedict Cumberbatch had captured the essence of Sherlock Holmes and brought it to a different page altogether. I much prefer a Sherlock Holmes on a clean slate. It's more fun and you don't have to keep thinking they're trying too hard, or indirectly make comparisons in your head between Doyle's Holmes and Cumberbatch's portrayal of Holmes. It's just easier that way.

What a long wait for the next 3 part-er. Sigh.

Monday, October 11, 2010

October, already. Serious!?

Captured this during lunch break some time ago

Just unbelievable. October's gonna zoom by, for sure.

I was lining up at the Post Office earlier today, planning to send some stuffs back home to my mother, and there they were.

Yes, Christmas greeting cards. Glittery things they were, all piled conspicuously along the queue so that unsuspecting people waiting in the line would buy them without intending to do so. I meticulously kept my eyes towards the counters, paid for my envelope and hurried out. To think Christmas is coming soon. How scary is that? I'm sure my 31st birthday will swing by pweety quickly at this rate.

I went around mortgage quotes hunting, on this day when I wasn't at work. I decided to try the credit unions, just to see why they were the 'alternative' to the banks. The representative at Savings & Loans was absolutely professional and patient with me, so that gained immediate KFC brownie points. I would be half-inclined to go with that institution simply based on that incredible customer service!

The next one was MECU, which I had to admit, was one of the top 3 which offered competitive interest rates, and I checked them out simply because I loved their designs on their official website. I know, how funny am I?

In all seriousness, I narrowed it down to these 2 institutions because RateCity threw their names out in a search, and they seemed far more affordable than my current quote from one of the big 4 banks, ANZ prima facie. ANZ won the best home loan provider of the year award, which should and must account for something.


Without a doubt, I have tons of paperwork to sift through, especially the bits where the fees and charges are listed. Credit unions seem less imposing in terms of interest rates, but there's always that catch which one needs to be aware of - ongoing / recurring costs during the mortgage term. That could equate to a pretty handsome sum as well.

Along the way, I picked out 2 pairs at SpecSavers - one black-framed glasses and one prescription sunglasses. Been on my mind for some time to get new frames. So yes, at long last, I have decided to take the plunge and get those sunnies prescribed to my myopic state / astigmatism. Thank you, my private health insurance, for honouring your part and giving me a $170 rebate. The total of the 2 pairs complete with multi-focal lenses and 1 ultra-thin lenses cost me $369 altogether. Heck, my current glasses already cost me $500 itself last year when I needed one after my accident. But well, it was an emergency since I didn't want to be 'blind' no longer, and I sure didn't want any gawd-awful frames too.

Nugget of the day: The optometrist who checked my eyes informed me that I was literally borned to be myopic. My eyes were made that way. Yes, it's genetic. And yes, I could blame my parents (I wouldn't do that, haha). So, it had nothing to do with reading or computers. I guess you learn something new every day.

Popped by The Face Shop because my toiletries supply was dismal. It was one of those periods where you realised you were running low on everything, but you procrastinated and kept forgetting to restock when you had the opportunity. I found I had minimal conditioner, body lotion, cleanser and hair serum. So, when I waltzed in simply to have a 'look-see', it was like unleashing a carnivore in a butcher's shop. I started putting products into that adorable wiry basket the shop provided to hold your selection, and also asked for assistance since some of the products only had descriptions printed in Korean on them.

I reckon the Koreans had done very well in terms of catching up to the Japanese. In everything. Whilst browsing, I saw a mother with her young adolescent daughter coming in, with the former asking the shop assistant for advice on what her daughter needed. I gave a brief glance over her way, and saw a familiar sight - me at 17. Redness, pimples, awkward composure, happy to hide behind our mothers' figures. Well, I don't think I'd actually grown out of those.

The difference is that I've gone much better in hiding those traits. Ha.

One feels contented when one feels fruitful and achieved. I certainly do. I just wish it didn't involve money.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mad About KAITO

Been replaying this song, BLOOD sung by KAITO in my iTunes, along with its other track 刹月華 from SCL Project's production album, VanaN'Ice.

Vocaloids are synthesizers of voices, some being produced by Yamaha. Some Japanese fans have tapped into their amazing songwriting and composition skills, and using these array of voices have produced outstanding original works. There's tons and tons of songs out there, with brilliant art covers, illustrations and I'm clocking up impressive hours trying to listen, download and even grab pictures. These voices now have fanmade character illustrations, funny stories and even a life-sized 3D hologram for the most popular one, Hatsune Miku. Yes, she had a concert to a sold-out crowd in Japan. Serious.

SEGA has made them into a mega money-making production with amazing games and graphics. Sony PSP has also hopped onto the bandwagon. I'm totally frustrated that I have no consoles. None!

I'd loved the song Cantarella, and utterly heart the version sung by KAITO and portrayed with Hatsune Miku. It is an original production and had fan-drawn illustrations as its MV. Then of course, Sony picked it up and transformed some of the popular songs floating around for its PSP release. They also incorporated winning entries for new costumes for the characters. Now we have 3D figurines of the Vocaloids, and they're dancing in their costumes. Oh my gawd. Can this get any better?

Yes, of course. Ha!

I don't know why weekends are only made of 2 days. It's not enough!!

I'm completely obsessed over KAITO. I'm a very happy woman. Life's little pleasures, y'know.  ;)

Lyrics of Cantarella

Our lines of sight intersect within this closed world.
Although you play dumb, I can almost feel your infatuation.

Hiding my burning heart, I approach you.
Simply feeling my breath will be enough to paralyze you.

I now set up a trap to capture your captivated heart.
I won't leave a footprint in even the smallest crevice.

Thinking that my words are pure, you've let your guard down.
Even if it were a potent poison, I had a feeling that you'd still drink it all down.

There's no place to escape from this rusty chain;
the more you fight against the tickling of the clock's second hand, the harder it gets.

If I slip you into the deep bushes,
you'll probably be violated by the scent of our mixing sweats.

I now set up a trap to capture your captivated heart.
I now peak into the small crevice,

... and capture you.

I slipped you into the deep bushes,
and you are now being violated by the scent of our mixing sweats.