Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Ideal Saturday

We were supposed to go to Peninsula Hot Springs on Sat, but certain things happened so we couldn't go. Chrissy called me on Fri at work, asking me what exactly our plans were because there was no real conclusion from all the emails to and fro so far. I had no real idea what had been discussed due to a lack of time to check my emails, thus I thought of some quick ideas which could be good on an evening for 4 girls.

1. Rent DVDs and chill out.
2. Check out Festival Indonesia 2010 at Federation Square.

When Ruth and I were housemates in Perth, she introduced me to the notion of renting DVDs, and watching them in our PJs looking dishevelled and totally shoddy. I missed those moments with her, because she had a good eye for movies and best of all, she knew exactly what movies would interest me. Ah, don't you just love it when it's all about you? -chuckles-

So, the girls liked the first idea, and DVD night it was. We met at the award-winning Shira Nui in Glen Waverley first where we had a sumptuous Japanese lunch (complete with thick yummy slices of sashimi and an unforgettable chawanmushi), and Chrissy managed to buy not 1, but 2 pairs of sunnies.

We then went to church together for the 4pm session, whereupon the topic was about fasting. It was an interesting sermon, especially because fasting has never been something which I paid attention to. I also spied this warm little scene in front of us between 2 guys.

Very interesting. Guys do show some affection at times.

We then shopped at Coles for dinner to munch on, and then rented 2 titles to watch at Anne's place. Chick flick night, we were planning.

But then, I spied a title which I just couldn't refuse. 

Yes, the last movie which Australia's beloved Heath Ledger was acting in before his premature death. It was surreal, I guess. I kinda saw it whilst perusing the shelves carelessly, and they were placed right at the lowest level which you'll miss it if you blink. I thought it was rather strange because you'd think the title would be placed in a more prominent spot, right?

Anyway, it was a good movie. It was very fantasy-like and quite a quirky ride. To be really honest, I don't have a conclusive idea of what I feel towards it. But well, there's a bonus! You have all the big male names in it, and the story was such that you just couldn't expect what would happen next. However, it's not a oh-my-gosh-you-have-to-see-it movie. If you have extra time, then give it a go.

Heath Ledger was, as always, a marvel to watch.

Yes, chick flick. We were tossing between Letters to Juliet and Dear John. However, Chrissy and I were not keen on the latter because we feared it would be depressing. We just wanted a feel-good movie in which we didn't need to strain our brains or tear ducts. Just, y'know, something that leaves absolutely nothing behind. It ain't too bad at all, and Anne got exceptionally excited because the male lead, Chris Egan is an Aussie. So, even though he had an exceptional British accent, I had the continuous impression that he was putting it on. Ah well. Didn't mar the experience much, he was good to look at for sure. It's a very predictable movie, with very corny lines and scenes. If it's anything worth saying, it was shot in beautiful Verona and so, it absolutely sets the mood for love and fuzziness. Feel free to watch this too if you have time to kill.

Nuggets, salad, chicken sticks, chocs, green tea, garlic bread, and then ice cream

So, it was a very nice night. Bel introduced me to the world of veggie chips. We snuggled in the living room with the heater on, and I was dressed in a comfortable sweatshirt with denim tights.

Pretty interesting to wear this to the mall and to church

Well, I try to create some amusement for life's little moments. I snap mental shots into my head on some days - when I am having a conversation, watching my colleagues laugh at something funny, a heart-to-heart discussion with a friend, watching the sky turn crimson from the balcony, a visual from the telly ... anything that prompts me to do so. Or wearing something fuzzy and different than what you'd normally don, just so because you can.

Life is ultimately what you make of. So, indulge in (or create) little moments whenever possible.

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