Friday, October 29, 2010


♫ Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Tell Me Baby

For the past few months, our organisation was busily working towards the 3 yearly QICSA accreditation. It's funny how time flies, but you can remember every single day in which you worked extra hard in order to make sure everything was sui sui for the accreditation. All meetings were held with a single goal in mind, every delegation and completed work for one purpose. It was pretty intense, but I think this whole exercise made me realise how teamwork could play such a role in achieving great feats which no single person could. And really, if every person chipped in and performed his/her role, then things could fall into place like clockwork. No dramas. I'd been very blessed to work with supremely dedicated people on all levels. It is very inspiring.

Today was the day of fruition, and I could feel so much pride for everyone at the feedback session for staff by the assessors. Such glowing reviews from them! I guess we could all get away with bloated heads for the day. And then champagne galore! I'm quite happy that there's the long weekend too, and we can rest well until next Tue. I forgot to turn on my Out Of Office message, but well, I'm sure most people in Melbourne would have taken next Mon off too. Hopefully the weather turns out fine for the Melbourne Cup Day on Tues!

And then it's back to work on Wed.

My manager bought spiffy blade-less fans to work in time for the notorious summer temperatures. It doesn't help that the building is a walking oven with a barely working cooling system and minimal ventilation. Still, it means I get to see these babies for real!

And there's the round ones at the other side of the building, like basketball hoops! Awesome.

I am wondering what to do for Sat, Sun, Mon and Tues! Ah, not doing anything may just be a plan too. Well, we'll see. I might want to pop around to the auto shop and grab some car accessories (rubber mats and convex mirrors) tomorrow. Hmm, I might shop around for a hat too, before the sun truly heats up soon. I tried out one at an Asian cart earlier, but got too self-conscious when both assistants stared at me. Urgh.

I got a Rice Water Cleansing Oil from The Face Shop today, after my Yuva one ran out some time ago. It worked like a dream, with all my eye makeup gone in one application. Nice. I like minimal effort. 

And I also grabbed a scarf for summer. It's supposed to 'dress up' your clothes without the wooliness of winter scarves, which I'll have to pack away quite soon. Speaking of which, I do need to pack and unpack my wardrobe for the approaching warm weather. There we go, my weekend mission it will be.

I just draped it on the first clothing I had hanging around, haha.

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