Monday, October 4, 2010

Mad About KAITO

Been replaying this song, BLOOD sung by KAITO in my iTunes, along with its other track 刹月華 from SCL Project's production album, VanaN'Ice.

Vocaloids are synthesizers of voices, some being produced by Yamaha. Some Japanese fans have tapped into their amazing songwriting and composition skills, and using these array of voices have produced outstanding original works. There's tons and tons of songs out there, with brilliant art covers, illustrations and I'm clocking up impressive hours trying to listen, download and even grab pictures. These voices now have fanmade character illustrations, funny stories and even a life-sized 3D hologram for the most popular one, Hatsune Miku. Yes, she had a concert to a sold-out crowd in Japan. Serious.

SEGA has made them into a mega money-making production with amazing games and graphics. Sony PSP has also hopped onto the bandwagon. I'm totally frustrated that I have no consoles. None!

I'd loved the song Cantarella, and utterly heart the version sung by KAITO and portrayed with Hatsune Miku. It is an original production and had fan-drawn illustrations as its MV. Then of course, Sony picked it up and transformed some of the popular songs floating around for its PSP release. They also incorporated winning entries for new costumes for the characters. Now we have 3D figurines of the Vocaloids, and they're dancing in their costumes. Oh my gawd. Can this get any better?

Yes, of course. Ha!

I don't know why weekends are only made of 2 days. It's not enough!!

I'm completely obsessed over KAITO. I'm a very happy woman. Life's little pleasures, y'know.  ;)

Lyrics of Cantarella

Our lines of sight intersect within this closed world.
Although you play dumb, I can almost feel your infatuation.

Hiding my burning heart, I approach you.
Simply feeling my breath will be enough to paralyze you.

I now set up a trap to capture your captivated heart.
I won't leave a footprint in even the smallest crevice.

Thinking that my words are pure, you've let your guard down.
Even if it were a potent poison, I had a feeling that you'd still drink it all down.

There's no place to escape from this rusty chain;
the more you fight against the tickling of the clock's second hand, the harder it gets.

If I slip you into the deep bushes,
you'll probably be violated by the scent of our mixing sweats.

I now set up a trap to capture your captivated heart.
I now peak into the small crevice,

... and capture you.

I slipped you into the deep bushes,
and you are now being violated by the scent of our mixing sweats.

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