Friday, February 25, 2011

Musical inclinations

Shortly after my maiden concert with Super Junior, I was all ready to be swooned off my feet by the one and only Michael Bublé.

 First time in Rod Laver Arena. Pretty massive!

The wait was pretty long, with an extended performance by the warmup act, Naturally 7, followed by another interval before the man himself showed up. Naturally 7 is a fantastic and unique group like no other. They need no instruments, but they sound like a full ensemble. Drums, guitar, bass - the whole lot. Not kidding, check 'em out to know why! We heard this live, and I wished I brought my camera, sobs.

I helped Chrissy set up the refreshment table in church for the evening's corporate meeting before speeding (not literally) down to the concert. All in good time, and we managed to get McNuggets via the drive-thru along the way. Phew.

Loved the lights arrangement and screen projectors. Awesome job. The whole feel was so New York, along with that live band playing. It was entirely burlesque and cabaret-ish. It really made me want to visit a jazz club in the States if given a chance. Mind-blowing.

Michael Bublé doesn't only sing, he's a complete entertainer with witty jokes, a humble disposition and able to connect with his audience. What a charmer. I was only a fan of his voice and songs, but now, I'm a fan of him.

His well-known trademark of walking through the crowds and singing within close distance on an elevated platform in the middle of the arena. He cracked us all up when he turned to the neglected concert-goers in the first few rows from where he was standing, and joked, "Sorry, you've all been screwed!" ROFL.

Yes, you've grown fatter but you're still an attractive man with that smooth voice. Rock on, baby.

* * * * * *

The more I listen to SHINee's Quasimodo, the more I love it. I think it helped because I watched Onew ♥ singing this live, and it brought a lot of feel to the song. In fact, I almost teared, and that was interesting because I didn't understand a word of Korean. I still don't, obviously. Onew ended the song beautifully and quietly with a heart-rendering 사랑해 (I love you) and that was the highlight for me. Taemin-nie is also getting really good with his vocals here.

太完美 by Super Junior-M is growing on me. Eunhyuk has caught my attention in this MTV because he looks smokin' hot with his dance moves wearing well-tailored suits. I mean, that's a real package, ladies. But no, besides the fact that he's delicious, I don't feel anything else. Kyu ♥ looks so different with 'guyliner'. It makes him look all grown up and edgier. Our magnae is maturing! It helps that he learns languages so beautifully and I can find no fault with his pronunciation in Mandarin. I enjoy that matrix-like sequence during the song's bridge, but it's also tarnished by the fact that 人妖 is in the centre of it. Like, why!? No, damn it!

Donghae with his new hairstyle (yes Yi, please try to control your drool again). I like Heechul's new hairstyle too.

Fancy seeing some of the SuJus in a Thai ad that ends pretty strangely?

Btw, who said exercising in the morning would perk one up for the day? I hit the gym at 7:30am this morning, but still felt sleepy later. One of my colleagues caught me walking into the office in my gym attire, so that was a little embarrassing. I was running late so I didn't have time to change until I hit the office toilets. Anyway, it was amazing because the gym was actually packed when I got there. Geez. I don't think I'll ever get used to this really. Let's see if I can stick to another morning next week.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ow Ow Ow

 I feel your pain, Onew. It's hard to wake up in the mornings.

My new year resolution was to get into an exercise regime of sorts. But I did wonder about how I was going to ease myself into it, because I hadn't exercised since my P.E. days in school. I wasn't keen on going for kickboxing / cardio classes which had high impact on my joints since I hadn't properly moved them since ... forever. I would probably do more damage than good at this point in time.

Then there was a discount on exercises whilst lying down on Jump On It. Hmm? How does that work? I checked it out and found it wasn't some scam. The place was also advertised on the local papers in the area, so I thought I'd give it a go. It was about $39 for 5 sessions. Pretty damn good for a discount.

So, yesterday I gave it a go. It was pretty interesting! You go from machine to machine which will work out a different area of your body. And you're usually lying down or standing on it, letting the vibrations hit you like electricity coursing through your body. Phwoar.

It's fantastic for people like me who are highly susceptible to back pain, and also for people who have arthritis. I'm eager to let my mom attend, because she has arthritis in the knee. I thought it was going to be 'puny exercise', but I found myself out of breath and perspiring. All the muscles in my hands and legs were slightly sore, as though I had done a dance routine. My abdomen muscles were not spared either. As I was getting up from the final machine, I had some trouble because my stomach was screaming at me in agony, haha. Should have eaten breakfast before I attended. Underestimation of what to expect has done me no good.

As I mentioned, each machine is catered to one part of your body. You can work out on these machines as well. I'm not good at describing how it all works, but it's definitely working for me. Best of all, I didn't have to jump, run or anything. I was simply lying down, letting the machines do their work, and flexing my arms and legs whenever I could. Surprisingly effective. It's really good for seniors who want to remain mobile but can't do jogging / running to keep their joints going.

I don't know if I want to sign up for the whole package after 5 sessions. This is meant to ease me into exercise, but then again, I may change my mind. I've heard stuffs from people saying that your cartilage wears out faster if you do extreme exercises, and etc. How true is that? Anyway, I want to do dance actually, not the gym, haha. Gym's just... gym. Yawn. I mean, if you want to get moving, isn't dancing a form of exercise too, and far more interesting? I blame the Korean idols.

However, having said that, I have a discount voucher for 10 group exercises at the local gym, so I'll be checking that out too. In the meantime, I have a morning session again with the machines on Friday next week before I head off to work. I'm curious as to why some people swear by exercising before work. it's supposed to perk you up with all the endorphins, right? I wonder if my immense appetite for sleep will be banished with some exercising in the morning, or whether I'll go to work feeling worse, haha.

Anyway, as expected, I've gotten hit by 'the morning after exercise' effect today. My muscles are all sore, but it's bearable since I'd experienced worse. Hopefully I'll get into a regular regime from now on. My abdomen feels sore whenever I sing along to my (now) astonishing collection of Kpop. Meh.

So far ... 24 youtube videos of SHINee saved into my collection, 11 being Onew-centred. -chuckles-

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ooh ...

How in the world does South Korean girls sleep at night, since they have the privilege of so many friggin' good-looking idols in their country?

I love Onew cams. Yes, I dig him with short hair, and I like his new image in their newest album. I wish I was at this Seoul Music Awards held just last month. Onew's come a loooooong way since his debut days. Onew condition or not, he's on his way to being sexy. Aigoo, you can see he always thinks too much during his performances. Still, my screen's fogging up with all this heat already. =D~~

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Onew Ache

Left : Onew | Right : Key

I changed my alarm ringtone to Onew's radio recording, in which he had to congratulate listeners who wrote in. The funniest bit was that he had to do it in a 'sexy voice', and he was game to do so. It was more hilarious than sensual actually, and the DJs burst out into occasional laughter or banged the table. I initially did too, haha.

Just to be silly, I actually used it as my alarm and I woke up feeling pretty disorientated when the sexy music came on. This male voice started drifting into my sleepy brain, and I slowly stirred, thinking, "Hur? What's going on?" And then I started laughing in bed as Onew went on with his oohs and aahs. I had a smile on my face as I prepared myself for work.

Great way to wake up every morning, I reckon. Why not make it more interesting?

Onew condition in a hawt suit, haha. How can his yeah be so sexy and then he's immediately dorky? Haha.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Back in Melbourne (already!?)

Kaito: Hello! I am your new companion, and I'm here to stay!
Kagami: Erm ... ok, want a leek?

Time flies huh! I'm already 2 days back into Melbourne, and it's surreal. I suffered a bout of insomnia since crawling into bed at 12mn, so I gave up around 5am and hopped out of bed. Showered, flipped the telly on and proceeded to make breakfast. Sat down and munched through Chinese, German and Italian news consecutively. I don't know why they broadcast news in other languages so early. Who wakes up to catch them? My handphone's internal headset died, so I can't listen to people on the other side, although they can hear me. It's irritating. When I called up F***ing Three earlier for my handset, they asked me to wait for another 2 weeks. I'm ready to shove anything up their arseholes. I'd waited since bloody August 2010, and this is so ridiculous that I might just turn very nasty.

Like Singapore, Melbourne is simply pouring. It's like some furious storm which refuses to stop, and for the whole of my dreamless state, the waters just kept on coming. A friend of mine posted on FB the state of his leaking roof, and I briefly caught the headlines that places in the CBD are flash-flooded. Typhoon Yasi has caused its damage and left. I clicked through the pictures of devastation left behind in Northern Queensland, and they were extensive. I'm also awed by the power of nature that has been rising consecutively so early into 2011. If this is not caused somewhat by climate change, then what?

Shortly before I flew home, I recalled seeing a topic online which expounded on whether Australia was in the line of fire in God's black book. For some reason, I never got the chance to read it, and I'm not actually interested to look for it now too. It's the believers and non-believers' individual choices on how they perceive God, and I think I'm ok with mine.

I'll blog about my trip back home in a while. But for now, here's 3 concert clips which I'd uploaded onto my Youtube page. I've got tons more, so maybe I'll upload them another time. Check 'em out even if you're not a fan! And I'm sorry that I don't focus my lens on one area all the time, I'm just frantically trying to look at them with my naked eye rather than through the lens whilst videotaping.

If you're interested in other vids which I took of places and friends during my trip, they're all uploaded onto my Youtube channel here. I'm not sure if you can access it actually, because some peers had given me feedback that they couldn't. You may be able to find it by using my gmail address, but well, let me know if it doesn't work for you.