Friday, February 25, 2011

Musical inclinations

Shortly after my maiden concert with Super Junior, I was all ready to be swooned off my feet by the one and only Michael Bublé.

 First time in Rod Laver Arena. Pretty massive!

The wait was pretty long, with an extended performance by the warmup act, Naturally 7, followed by another interval before the man himself showed up. Naturally 7 is a fantastic and unique group like no other. They need no instruments, but they sound like a full ensemble. Drums, guitar, bass - the whole lot. Not kidding, check 'em out to know why! We heard this live, and I wished I brought my camera, sobs.

I helped Chrissy set up the refreshment table in church for the evening's corporate meeting before speeding (not literally) down to the concert. All in good time, and we managed to get McNuggets via the drive-thru along the way. Phew.

Loved the lights arrangement and screen projectors. Awesome job. The whole feel was so New York, along with that live band playing. It was entirely burlesque and cabaret-ish. It really made me want to visit a jazz club in the States if given a chance. Mind-blowing.

Michael Bublé doesn't only sing, he's a complete entertainer with witty jokes, a humble disposition and able to connect with his audience. What a charmer. I was only a fan of his voice and songs, but now, I'm a fan of him.

His well-known trademark of walking through the crowds and singing within close distance on an elevated platform in the middle of the arena. He cracked us all up when he turned to the neglected concert-goers in the first few rows from where he was standing, and joked, "Sorry, you've all been screwed!" ROFL.

Yes, you've grown fatter but you're still an attractive man with that smooth voice. Rock on, baby.

* * * * * *

The more I listen to SHINee's Quasimodo, the more I love it. I think it helped because I watched Onew ♥ singing this live, and it brought a lot of feel to the song. In fact, I almost teared, and that was interesting because I didn't understand a word of Korean. I still don't, obviously. Onew ended the song beautifully and quietly with a heart-rendering 사랑해 (I love you) and that was the highlight for me. Taemin-nie is also getting really good with his vocals here.

太完美 by Super Junior-M is growing on me. Eunhyuk has caught my attention in this MTV because he looks smokin' hot with his dance moves wearing well-tailored suits. I mean, that's a real package, ladies. But no, besides the fact that he's delicious, I don't feel anything else. Kyu ♥ looks so different with 'guyliner'. It makes him look all grown up and edgier. Our magnae is maturing! It helps that he learns languages so beautifully and I can find no fault with his pronunciation in Mandarin. I enjoy that matrix-like sequence during the song's bridge, but it's also tarnished by the fact that 人妖 is in the centre of it. Like, why!? No, damn it!

Donghae with his new hairstyle (yes Yi, please try to control your drool again). I like Heechul's new hairstyle too.

Fancy seeing some of the SuJus in a Thai ad that ends pretty strangely?

Btw, who said exercising in the morning would perk one up for the day? I hit the gym at 7:30am this morning, but still felt sleepy later. One of my colleagues caught me walking into the office in my gym attire, so that was a little embarrassing. I was running late so I didn't have time to change until I hit the office toilets. Anyway, it was amazing because the gym was actually packed when I got there. Geez. I don't think I'll ever get used to this really. Let's see if I can stick to another morning next week.



    Tat CF is weird lah... vampires??

  2. hehehe, in some way, it's better than them dressing up as veggies!!