Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Apple Hath Descended

After waiting impatiently since August 2010, my reaction was pretty lukewarm when the Three representative called me up to tell me that the courier company had left a pickup notice for my parcel at the nearest Post Office. Still, there was no masking of my gratitude to this particular rep who kept to her promises and followed up on my case.

This was partly why I was left waiting for so long. People just dealt with my requests by 'putting in a request with their managers for ordering a new iPhone 4'. Then, it was always followed by 'a waiting time of 4 weeks'. After 5 weeks or more, I would call in and the whole cycle repeated so viciously that I wanted to seriously strangle them. August suddenly became October, and December became February next year. It was a pretty good date when the iPhone was finally in my hand, being 1st of March. Hmmm. No, not going to buy Toto, lol.

Why did I stick relentlessly to waiting, instead of cancelling the entire contract and going with another provider? Well, because of this mess-up, the telco 'kindly' waived the monthly $10 handset cost for the length of my 48 month contract (I'm already 6 months into the contract, and they had to keep waiving my monthly bills). I'll only be paying the basic cost of my usage every month. Yes, this means my iPhone is technically free of charge, and hence, I shamelessly hung on.

Time to bust out the cases! I bought the left one ages ago. It has a slot in the front for cards etc. The blue leather case was a birthday gift from Anne. If you peer closely, you'll see a very cute robin embossed on it. Birdie!

My customised iPhone skin created using Gelaskins, along with an accompanying wallpaper. As you can see, other customisations took me till 2am in the morning. Phew.

Although I was very tempted to choose a design including 2 hawt bishonens, I decided to go with a safer theme.
Here's Chiaki and Nodame, from Nodame Cantabile, chillaxing in a café in Paris.

In one night, I had pumped the iPod with vids and songs. Majority K-pop. Yeeeah.

Onew ♥ My photo gallery is filled with pictures of him only. For now.

My current ringtone is one of SHINee's songs. All's right with the world. Current count: 8 apps and 2 games. I had to create a Japanese iTunes account, and I find it weird that apps are limited to countries. Now downloading Taiko Drums, woo hoo.

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