Saturday, February 5, 2011

Back in Melbourne (already!?)

Kaito: Hello! I am your new companion, and I'm here to stay!
Kagami: Erm ... ok, want a leek?

Time flies huh! I'm already 2 days back into Melbourne, and it's surreal. I suffered a bout of insomnia since crawling into bed at 12mn, so I gave up around 5am and hopped out of bed. Showered, flipped the telly on and proceeded to make breakfast. Sat down and munched through Chinese, German and Italian news consecutively. I don't know why they broadcast news in other languages so early. Who wakes up to catch them? My handphone's internal headset died, so I can't listen to people on the other side, although they can hear me. It's irritating. When I called up F***ing Three earlier for my handset, they asked me to wait for another 2 weeks. I'm ready to shove anything up their arseholes. I'd waited since bloody August 2010, and this is so ridiculous that I might just turn very nasty.

Like Singapore, Melbourne is simply pouring. It's like some furious storm which refuses to stop, and for the whole of my dreamless state, the waters just kept on coming. A friend of mine posted on FB the state of his leaking roof, and I briefly caught the headlines that places in the CBD are flash-flooded. Typhoon Yasi has caused its damage and left. I clicked through the pictures of devastation left behind in Northern Queensland, and they were extensive. I'm also awed by the power of nature that has been rising consecutively so early into 2011. If this is not caused somewhat by climate change, then what?

Shortly before I flew home, I recalled seeing a topic online which expounded on whether Australia was in the line of fire in God's black book. For some reason, I never got the chance to read it, and I'm not actually interested to look for it now too. It's the believers and non-believers' individual choices on how they perceive God, and I think I'm ok with mine.

I'll blog about my trip back home in a while. But for now, here's 3 concert clips which I'd uploaded onto my Youtube page. I've got tons more, so maybe I'll upload them another time. Check 'em out even if you're not a fan! And I'm sorry that I don't focus my lens on one area all the time, I'm just frantically trying to look at them with my naked eye rather than through the lens whilst videotaping.

If you're interested in other vids which I took of places and friends during my trip, they're all uploaded onto my Youtube channel here. I'm not sure if you can access it actually, because some peers had given me feedback that they couldn't. You may be able to find it by using my gmail address, but well, let me know if it doesn't work for you.

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