Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ow Ow Ow

 I feel your pain, Onew. It's hard to wake up in the mornings.

My new year resolution was to get into an exercise regime of sorts. But I did wonder about how I was going to ease myself into it, because I hadn't exercised since my P.E. days in school. I wasn't keen on going for kickboxing / cardio classes which had high impact on my joints since I hadn't properly moved them since ... forever. I would probably do more damage than good at this point in time.

Then there was a discount on exercises whilst lying down on Jump On It. Hmm? How does that work? I checked it out and found it wasn't some scam. The place was also advertised on the local papers in the area, so I thought I'd give it a go. It was about $39 for 5 sessions. Pretty damn good for a discount.

So, yesterday I gave it a go. It was pretty interesting! You go from machine to machine which will work out a different area of your body. And you're usually lying down or standing on it, letting the vibrations hit you like electricity coursing through your body. Phwoar.

It's fantastic for people like me who are highly susceptible to back pain, and also for people who have arthritis. I'm eager to let my mom attend, because she has arthritis in the knee. I thought it was going to be 'puny exercise', but I found myself out of breath and perspiring. All the muscles in my hands and legs were slightly sore, as though I had done a dance routine. My abdomen muscles were not spared either. As I was getting up from the final machine, I had some trouble because my stomach was screaming at me in agony, haha. Should have eaten breakfast before I attended. Underestimation of what to expect has done me no good.

As I mentioned, each machine is catered to one part of your body. You can work out on these machines as well. I'm not good at describing how it all works, but it's definitely working for me. Best of all, I didn't have to jump, run or anything. I was simply lying down, letting the machines do their work, and flexing my arms and legs whenever I could. Surprisingly effective. It's really good for seniors who want to remain mobile but can't do jogging / running to keep their joints going.

I don't know if I want to sign up for the whole package after 5 sessions. This is meant to ease me into exercise, but then again, I may change my mind. I've heard stuffs from people saying that your cartilage wears out faster if you do extreme exercises, and etc. How true is that? Anyway, I want to do dance actually, not the gym, haha. Gym's just... gym. Yawn. I mean, if you want to get moving, isn't dancing a form of exercise too, and far more interesting? I blame the Korean idols.

However, having said that, I have a discount voucher for 10 group exercises at the local gym, so I'll be checking that out too. In the meantime, I have a morning session again with the machines on Friday next week before I head off to work. I'm curious as to why some people swear by exercising before work. it's supposed to perk you up with all the endorphins, right? I wonder if my immense appetite for sleep will be banished with some exercising in the morning, or whether I'll go to work feeling worse, haha.

Anyway, as expected, I've gotten hit by 'the morning after exercise' effect today. My muscles are all sore, but it's bearable since I'd experienced worse. Hopefully I'll get into a regular regime from now on. My abdomen feels sore whenever I sing along to my (now) astonishing collection of Kpop. Meh.

So far ... 24 youtube videos of SHINee saved into my collection, 11 being Onew-centred. -chuckles-

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