Thursday, February 17, 2011

Onew Ache

Left : Onew | Right : Key

I changed my alarm ringtone to Onew's radio recording, in which he had to congratulate listeners who wrote in. The funniest bit was that he had to do it in a 'sexy voice', and he was game to do so. It was more hilarious than sensual actually, and the DJs burst out into occasional laughter or banged the table. I initially did too, haha.

Just to be silly, I actually used it as my alarm and I woke up feeling pretty disorientated when the sexy music came on. This male voice started drifting into my sleepy brain, and I slowly stirred, thinking, "Hur? What's going on?" And then I started laughing in bed as Onew went on with his oohs and aahs. I had a smile on my face as I prepared myself for work.

Great way to wake up every morning, I reckon. Why not make it more interesting?

Onew condition in a hawt suit, haha. How can his yeah be so sexy and then he's immediately dorky? Haha.

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