Friday, June 24, 2011

Eat Drink Bento

Wow, I'm actually glad I gave it another go. The first time I went to Eat Drink Bento, I thought it was overhyped. I didn't really enjoy my bento box dinner, and I thought it was ma ma teh. I definitely had better Japanese food elsewhere easily.

Yesterday, we took up an offer which was irresistibly hard to reject. For $19.50 each, you get a complimentary drink, a bowl of rice or miso soup, a bowl of edamame to chew. And between 2 people, you can choose 6 dishes of your choice to share. I got a genmaicha (and they kept refilling it, woo hoo!), and a bowl of rice. Anne and I then proceeded to choose the following 6 dishes.

1. Wagyu beef
2. Soft-shelled crab
3. Seafood and veggie tempura
4. Agedashi tofu
5. Sashimi
6. Gyoza

Cheap as chips! And everything was amazingly generous in portion and delicious. I enjoyed all the selection, especially the soft-shelled crab which was packed with meat, not overly fried, and juicy. It even had some roe in it. Oh wow. All 4 of us were full of praises for our meals, and we didn't have to pay the moon for it!

You can see my towering soft-shelled crabs on my plate and on the serving plate. Both were mine, because Anne already wolfed down the other 2, haha.

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