Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I am 30!

2 days into being 30, I honestly don't feel any different. Am I supposed to? OK, so I have to tick a different age group bracket in surveys and forms, but I reckon I still look the same in the mirror (which actually may not be a good thing. Hmm, it's debatable).

I had a lovely time on the day itself, beginning at work and ending at a fine-dining restaurant in the city. My boss baked me a lovely sponge cake at 6am that morning, and my colleagues presented me a timely Borders voucher, so I'm absolutely thrilled and grateful. I had dinner with 2 good mates at Rockpool Bar & Grill Restaurant in the fancy-ritzy Crown Casino Complex, and it was a delight for the senses. Gosh, that beef. How could meat taste so good? How?

The nice folks at the restaurant also presented me an enticing Coffee + Chocolate Cupcake for my special day, and it was definitely a sweetener to the evening. I must have been borned without a sweet tooth. I sometimes eat cakes, brownies, the likes, but only if they are hand-baked and given to me. I humbly accept them with appreciation, but I will need a lot of tea as accompaniment (it helps with the swallowing... gosh, that sounds awfully wrong). The only exception? The ageless Devonshire Cream Tea. Oh, the joys. I remembered my first experience with those heavenly scones in Exeter, Devon and totally patted myself on the back for choosing to do my undergraduate degree there.

Right, where was I?

So yes, Rockpool makes an amazing Coffee + Chocolate Cupcake. It was enough to make me repeat that I was impressed by it. Twice. Thrice. Almost every time I swiped at it with my fork actually. Yum. And it's only $6 on the menu. Or is that expensive for a cupcake? Well, I only probably eat 1-2 cupcakes per year, so I don't know the median prices of these teeny cute crumbly things.

I'm 30. I thanked the Lord on that day for that day, and for allowing me to turn 30. When you have a Near-Death Encounter card in your life bank, you literally thank the Lord for each day. Well, not all the time as I do have obscenely busy mornings when I have slept in and woke up in 'Full Metal Panic!'

But yes, every birthday is a commemoration. The irony is that I am well-known for being morbid. Because I am morbid, it means I have no fear of death. So, if I escaped death, then I simply sigh and wait for its next move.

That is rubbish.

I don't know about others, but I do feel fearful when it comes to death. I did surprise myself that I wasn't that frightened or crippled in the face of it, but I wasn't devoid of panic. Max Lucado wrote in his book, Fearless, that he figured he could and would die bravely, and he hoped his readers would too. I liken it to having a quivering lip as the flames lick around you, but you know where your heart lies and your body doesn't flinch. Metaphorically, of course.

May I continue to find out more about God, and allow Him to expand everything about me through the remaining years of my life (except for my weight, pleeeease).


  1. No, I didn't feel the difference, and I'm suffering from still look-the-same too... :)

    Good gracious me! Are you a Blogspot shareholder?!


  2. It's good that we don't feel any difference then! =)

    No, I'm not a shareholder but I think I should be, haha. I'm a fickle-minded person mah. =P