Sunday, September 19, 2010


I decided that I was going to do something different to mark my 30th. Mind you, it should be an obvious change, an intentional move to commemorate the occasion, but something not too risky and silly. And well, I'd gone to do exactly that and I think it isn't too bad. Let's see what the responses will be when I go to work tomorrow. -rubs hands in glee-

The Press Club was a great place to have a gastronomical experience. It not only filled our stomachs up, we had an interesting experience in the meantime too. The tastes of each dish were quite exquisite - some I'd never had before. I think that scores quite highly in my rulebook. But then again, I'm no Masterchef judge or food connoisseur, so my comments are really my own.

 Fresh bread to start off with - lovely olive oil and sea salt

 Mussels and anchovies - cold yummy dish

Very interesting dishes in the form of jars
Couldn't tell what were in 'em, but they contained the most interesting combination of texture and flavours

Potatoes and fish

Crunchy veggies, nice poached egg and chicken pieces

I love poached eggs which burst at the seams

Grouper with a nice thick layer of skin - yummy beyond belief

The Press Club, by Masterchef judge - George Calombaris

The busy kitchen counter

The very tender beef piece which was marinated for 16 hours

The beautiful rose-themed dessert - love the chocolate handwriting!

Miniature rose garden dessert - grounded chocolate which passed off as soil even!

 * * * * * *
I really need to stop buying books because my reading list has become too long.


  1. Happy belated!
    The food looks really good! Maybe with the exception of the foam on the grouper - eek foam. Did you ever watch Top Chef? There was a guy on season 2 who put foam on practically everything.
    The desert plate looks scrumptious!

  2. Thanks, May!

    Haha, the foam wasn't much of anything, it was just... foam! I don't get the point, but it didn't affect the taste much, so that was good! I didn't want Top Chef, was it different to Master Chef? Desert plate was faaaantastic. Well worth going back just for that!!