Tuesday, April 12, 2011


And we're into Autumn here, in this weird part of the world.

I love Autumn the most. It's beautiful, melancholic, and it's a welcomed break from the murky summer heat. Being borned in September, I enjoy the affinity I have with it as well. I do prefer rugging up than sweating it out. All the documents which required my attention were done and taken care of. It took me one day at a time to get through several stuffs, all from the Uni, banks and the landlord. They're unrelated matters, the timing was just unfortunate for me. Anyway, it's a relief ... well, until all those babies are processed by their respective organisations and spewed back at me for follow-ups. Yikes.

So finally, I now have a reprieve this week. With stuffs outta my way, this week's schedule is looking way better than it has for a month or so now. There's dinner in the city on Friday. I'd decided to elect the restaurant, Eat Drink Bento in the city for us to try out. Hope the guys and gals wouldn't kill me if it was below their expectations. Then it's Ps Benny Ho speaking on Saturday! I really miss hearing his sermons, and the topic will be quite interesting. Another dinner again on Sunday night, and I'm done for this week.

Next week will be fascinating. I emailed The 7PM Show after they mentioned, at the end of a segment, that we could apply for tickets to be part of the studio audience since they recorded live. I emailed them and actually got a reply sometime later. So, my gals and I will be trooping along to the recording studio next Tues, haha. Well, I'm curious as to how it all works, and it's free too. Why not? I do have the Audit & Risk Board Sub-Comm meeting that evening, but my lovely dept boss has allowed me to pass this time. She's da best. Just today, she brought in a Granny Smith green apple, bought me a brand new peeler and taught me how to make stewed apples. She also made me some stewed pears last night and gave them to me this morning. Our CEO has pear trees, so she harvested one and brought in a whole stack of them to work. Woah. I had  my lovely stewed pears and apple with Nestle's Connoisseur Honey Macademia ice cream this evening after dinner. Needless to say, it was yuuuuuuuumo to the max.

And finally, next Wed, I'll be heading to the airport to greet Ling and Net in the morning. Definitely the highlight of next week! Better rest up whilst I can for now. =)

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