Monday, October 31, 2011

Backy Back

I haven't blogged in ages, and this also means I haven't been on my computer as well. Besides the occasional booting up for the sake of studying previously, I have done nothing else on it. I check my gmail sporadically. It also means I have NO idea what's really happening in cyberspace, haven't read up on all my blog feeds except a few selected ones, and I am completely not in tune with my anime/manga stuffs.

So, it was a major mistake to check up on all my blog feeds now, and realise that I'm missing out on Persona 4, Working Season 2, Fate/Zero, Tamayura, Kimi to Boku, Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon, and so many others. Nooooo~!! Kill me nao.

It's been a crazy ride, and it's only starting to settle down finally. Apartment's in shape, studies are over, and I've finally caught up to work somewhat. There's a routine again, and I'm assured of some structure in my life. Now, if only I didn't wipe out my 1 yr worth of savings on furniture within a month. Grr. I know it's meant for the apartment, but that's just ridiculous. Gotta start from scratch again.

I might consider travelling to Japan in November '12. Hopefully I would have saved up enough by then.

Been following this series which aired on my birthday.

I got started on it because of Sarah Michelle Gellar, of course. Haven't seen her in any major TV series since Buffy, so I was immediately curious. Ringer is all about intriguing plots, deceits and twists. It puts you into knots. Mom gave up on it because she prefers comedies, like The Big Bang and Two and A Half Men. Ioan Gruffudd is in Ringer too, so that doesn't really hurt. I just enjoy watching the way Sarah portrays twins, as she has to act 2 characters really. Sometimes, I forget it's just one of her, and I get sucked into thinking there are actually 2 Sarahs. So, I guess she's successful then. I think the producers should pay her twice, haha. I liked her in Cruel Intentions where she was all mean and devious, and she has to be like that in Ringer too, so all's good.

Another one I'm quite interested in.

Imagine you have a memory that never forgets anything. You can recount anything in the history or in the future as long as you'd heard or read about it. You do not forget, period. But you just can't remember what happened when you stumbled upon your sister's murdered body.

Poppy Montgomery is Carrie Wells in Unforgettable, and such a condition is called hyperthymesia. Local TV has been advertising this series by saying that Poppy is Australian, haha. Anyway, I like how the story always portrays the way Carrie recalls what she had seen or heard, even as a casual passerby. We can look around whilst in a taxi, walk down the street to the bank, and not retain anything about it. But she can, and they show how she does her magic whilst she rummages through her memory to bring about a murderer's face, or something uncanny, etc. Quite an interesting premise from your usual CSI dishes. Poppy is so casually beautiful, not in a very commercialised air-brushed way. I quite like that, it makes me feel like she's a real person and not a make-believe character. Again, Mom gave up on this because dead bodies are involved.

I am loving my TV at the moment. Love my Samsung's LED TV in particular, haha. I signed up for FetchTV for a 3 months trial, and we currently receive channels such as National Geographic, major news channels, Taiwanese channels etc. The Singapore Ch 8 one is crap because they only play old 80s series and absolutely nothing else. Geez. Then JetTV changed its international broadcasting mode, so we can't receive it. You gotta be kidding. Then there is KMTV Asia where it broadcasts Korean stuffs (variety and pop) all the time, but Mom refuses to let me watch it at all. Can be oh-so-frustrating really.

So, when Mom returns, I might cancel FetchTV because as much as I love my Taiwanese channels, I think it's not worth it if Ch 8 and JetTV are not what I thought they are. I had hoped to catch up on Singapore stuffs like local news, variety shows, not watch 3面夏娃 or 边缘少年. Mom and I didn't know whether we should laugh or cry really. You think you are subscribing to the channel so you can watch everything in realtime, but it's just the channel with selected shows only. Although for now, it's helping Mom because she can kill some time with 新亚东风 channel; watching Taiwanese variety shows like 黄子佼's 佼個朋友吧! and also some news, which is at least in realtime thankfully. But her favourite is CTV 中視新聞台, which she much prefers because of the debates, talks and news. Ah well, the boring stuffs, haha. For me, everything is new and fresh, and I am still enjoying the channels very much. We'll see what happens.

PlayStation 3's Naruto Shippudden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 has been fun, fun, fun.

Good play options - you can do Adventure according to the manga plot, or just simple slug-it-out battles with other characters. There's Super Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard and Super Duper Hard options. For an obasan like me, Super Easy should ease me in gently.

Ah, the wonderful graphics. Can't say or gawk enough. You must understand, the last time I had a game console, it was the Super Nintendo Emulator and I played very, very 2D-looking characters like Dragonball, Yu Yu Hakusho and Sonic. And we didn't know what LCD, LED or Plasma were then.

Dual languages, heck yes. I always choose Japanese, but on the occasion when I'm very stuck, it's always nice to have that backup.

Love new technology!

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