Friday, January 6, 2012

Fangirl 時間


I am so glad I got started on watching Fate/Zero before my studies begin at the end of Jan. Like, seriously. It just finished its run in Japan, in time for the Winter anime series to begin. I'm only beginning to catch up since Mom has returned to SG. Been reading up on my usual blogs with regards to reviews on this anime in the meantime, and zilch negative feedback. I had thought, "Well, it is the Fate/Stay Night franchise series, and there's an amazing following for this, so perhaps everyone's biased."

Can't be any further away from the truth. Fact is, I don't qualify as one of the followers because I didn't understand Fate/Stay Night and the alternative universes in other books, blablablah. But now I do, because of Fate/Zero. And the graphics are so mind-blowing that I think it has got to have one of the most beautiful moving pictures I'd seen in an anime. Like, ever. No, not including Makoto Shinkai's anime movies which had stunning details to the point of reality. Fate/Zero is just like that, except it's an anime series and not a movie. The storyline is finally slower, comprehensive and fleshes out all the missing bits from its predecessor.

For 1-2 years now, nothing has moved me enough to write a review, but I am finding that excitement again. Just beholding such intricate details, the 3Dness, the sharpness. Taking a picture of a paused scene the other day, someone questioned if I was watching anime because it looked like something shot in real life. It is not real! Just brilliant coloring, lighting, etc. It's so awesome that I have ceased to sound like a 31 year old, and beginning to lose all coherent words to express my admiration.

Even fighting scenes looked like something that jumped out from a video game. Realistic 3D movements, could feel the angle, the force, the impact. Can't ask for more. I even squealed at one point in a battle because it was so hard to contain my delight. It's just so epic that I can't not say anything about it.

Getting all the big ass seiyuus to voice the characters work for otakus like us too. It's like this extra delightful icing on a marvellous cake. Getting the queen of all musical composers, Kajiura Yuki to seal the deal with the soundtrack, no wonder every battle scene stirs to life.

Everyone's just raving about how we get so spoilt from this, we'll never watch any other anime with the same eye again. We can never revert. It's so true. Spoil me further.

Mom thought I should have gotten a cheaper TV, but man, I think it was worth Every. Single. Damn. Dime. Ohhh yeah, I'm definitely loving this.

LOOOVE the ending song, as it fits the glory and sadness of the Heroic Spirits when they were alive. And wait for the last bit where Saber fights in a war-torn / bloody swords setting. Visually beautiful. Video resolution not at its best, but it's still lovely. It makes me remember why I love anime, and why the Japanese will always strike a chord within me.

The first fight between Gilgamesh and Berserker. Watch at a higher resolution if you can, but the real thing was so jaw-dropping. I can watch this a thousand times and still think it's stylish. Even the background music was epic. You can even hear the crispness of each armour clink, earring movement, metal clashing. Can this get ANY better!?

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