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The current anime season is wrapping up and I'm sad. I have been enjoying the ones which I am following dutifully, so it's almost like saying goodbye to a nice person you'd just met and starting to know better.

妖狐×僕 SS
Initially, I thought I'd watch Inu x Boku SS 'just for fun'. Turns out it is the secret winner on my list. It helped that the female protagonist was someone who sounded curt and arrogant, but was actually a kind and sensitive soul who had real problems relating to people. Tsundere! Then we have the male protagonist who is her 'Secret Service Agent', and adores her from head to toe. Always smiley, never a bad word, impeccable and efficient. Of course, it's never the true story, and the recent episode this week revealed his tragic history and his inability to feel. Both of them are way too cute together, and their scenes make me huff and puff because I squeal endlessly, i.e. "Kyaaaaa! Kawaii!" The anime has a delightful cast of characters and a splendid grasp on comical and emotional takes. A real surprise for most of us really. I also did a spoiler unto myself when I checked out a fanvid on Nico Nico Douga, because it comprised of a thousand pages from its manga. That was a FAIL moment for someone who should have known better, but well, mangas usually convey the same characters more intensely, so it was then that I really started diggin' it.
Who can resist a man who seems so harmless, innocent, put-together and polite ... but actually also has a very dark and possessive side to him when it comes to the girl he adores? In real life, it isn't attractive, but in anime, it's seductive. Ha.
My nose just bled. I DIED and went to heaven. The hottest male butlers from Inu x Boku SS and Kuroshitsuji coming together on one page? HNNNG.
Miketsukami: Riricho-sama, I am your dog

Miketsukami: Or you can kill me if I am a lousy agent
Riricho: Uwah, what do I say? First time I'd seen him in casual clothes.
The rest of us fangirls moaned. I am weak agst glasses. Weak.
Yes, here it comes! 10 episodes into it, and we see Miketsukami revealing a diff side to him.
He's jealous and sarcastic now. How does he make it so incredibly sexy, esp after a shower? The possessive look he gave whilst kissing Riricho's hand was spine-tinglingly good.
Something bewilderingly attractive about men who seem nice, but suddenly becomes all serious.
Manga version FTW. Saw that in the anime, but somehow, the same scene is sharper and sexier here. It's the gawd-damn suit, I just know. -breathes heavily-
Manga version of the anime cliffhanger which I just saw and totally went BERSERK. Gotta wait for next week. Argh.
So sad that the anime series is rounding up soon. SOB. Need to start on its manga to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

* * * * *
Nisemonogatari is the sequel to Bakemonogatari. And I chose to watch Nise since it was running this season. No idea what to expect since I didn't watch Bake, so I certainly didn't know what hit me.

IT IS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. Like, I think it has got to be one of the greatest titles I'd watched. It's really clever, it plays with words like no tomorrow, and it has the most interesting cinematography. The quality of the animation is flawless. The whole series is brimming with symbolism, symbolism, symbolism. You blink and you lose a pun. It is awfully dialogue-heavy, and I mean it. Many times, I have had to read reviews just to see if I missed out on something. I totally think the Japanese will appreciate this on a different level than non-Japanese speakers.

It is definitely NOT for the uninitiated. It's not something non-anime fans will warm up to in a hurry, and even this series has taken me on a whole new level. Unanimous conclusion from all fans though - we totally think it is KICKARSE. And yes, it has many sexual innuendos because the male protagonist is somewhat lustful like all other boys of his age, but he is the epitome of justice and stands up for anyone regardless. Selfless and so likeable. And that's how you get the ladies, everyone. Admittedly, the studio animated the fanservice scenes pretty good. I totally enjoyed them even as a female, seriously. I squealed "Omigosh omigosh omigosh!" so many times I lost count.

Nise is actually watchable by itself, but you'll be seeing all these characters who already know each other from the get-go, so you will be wondering what their stories are. Since I ended up liking the style and story-telling of Nise, I dug out my portable hdd to look for Bake. I saw it amongst the numerous anime series that Ling transferred to me, and then proceeded to devour everything, only to realise it was missing the last few episodes! I was so pooped because I had to download the rest. Still waiting for one ep to finish. Quuuuuick!

Kaiki doing the mind***k with Karen - one of the best dialogues about real vs fake.
Philosophy-heavy, as the entire anime series is all about. If interested, you can read the light novels where the anime series are adapted from, but they will be cheemology.
Became accustomed to seeing 'very interesting' poses from all the characters.
Koyomi: Karen, you're strong but a 'fake' strong
Karen: I'm already in love with you, onii-chan
And she is a 'kai' - an oddity. The Japanese uses the kanji 怪 and it features prominently as the running theme of the anime series, and how Koyomi tries to help everyone despite being a 'kai' himself.
Apt usage of 怪 in the name of one who breeds 'kai' in the environment and people. Great soundtrack too.
Love, love, love the artistry in the series. Really hits home.
Koyomi does a splat. This is not the most gory scene of all, oh no no no.
A queen of all 'Kai's - Shinobu, an ancient powerful vampire in chibi form, and so CUTE!
Shinobu graduating from cute since the last few thousand eps to THIS HOT PIECE OF ARSE. But why only in the last episode? -cries- Whilst I was screaming the house down, I knew everyone else watching it was too. Reading the reviews later confirmed it.
Kanbaru completely throws Koyomi off-track with her random nakedness, and I always laugh heartedly.
Such a visual treat for the eyes. Can't fangirl enough.
ATTENTION. This entire scene is now burnt into the Hall of Anime Epic Moments. One will never look at a toothbrush in the same way again. I know I can't. It will be talked about for generations to come. We have all agreed it should be.
Karen: You're not heavy, you're my elder brother. There's something pressing agst the back of my head tho-
Koyomi: PUT ME DOWN! 

Senjougahara: Don't you think I love you enough?
Koyomi: Isn't there another way to express your love for me as my girlfriend, besides telling me you'll kill me by sticking a pencil through my eye before committing suicide if I cheat on you? 

Da man : Araragi Koyomi. Every girl loves him, because they just do. And I do too.
How can you not love a man who will do anything for his family, his friends, and even strangers?

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